2019 Teacher of the Year – Matt Parry

Congratulations to Matt Parry, English teacher and department chair, for winning Teacher of the Year, 2018-19!
Mr. Parry was nominated and selected by the faculty because he exhibits the characteristics of an outstanding teacher:

He is a teacher who… 

  1. Exhibits a desire to grow, to be innovative, and to become a stronger teacher. 
  1. Exhibits a positive influence on others, both colleagues and students. 
  1. Is highly respected in the school community. 
  1. Challenges students to achieve and do their best. 
  1. Is a team player. 
  1. Demonstrates loyalty to Bishop England. 
  1. Is an excellent communicator. 
  1. Is the consummate professional. 
  1. Loves to teach. 

Here is an excerpt from the philosophy statement he wrote as a nominee for this award. 

I had some parents remined me why we all work so hard so much of the time – to help grow students into individuals who will actively engage with the world around them and will have confidence in the fact that they have something valuable to offer. Sure, not every student is going to have the same experience and sure, we are not going to impact every student in such a positive way, but even just having this positive impact on one student makes all the other ninety-nine essays I read every few weeks worth it!  

-Matt Parry, 2019