More Than Classrooms

Bishop England has embraced virtual learning and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our campus may be closed, but we stand together as Bishops! Our teachers and students have been busy, take a look at what they’ve been working on!

A Year of Service Continues – Bishop Builds Blessing Box at St.James AME Church

The 2019-2020 school year started with a Day of Service and continued throughout the year with various service projects. A pandemic didn’t stop this BE Junior, Maddi Biad ’21 from seeing the need to help others and she found a way to share that spirit of service. Maddie, together with friends from St.Clare of Assisi Parish, has made a big impact in the community. They built, painted, and installed a Blessing Box at St. James AME Church at 1100 Saint Thomas Island Dr.  Rev. E.Dingle Stokes of St.James AME Church is grateful for the time and efforts put forth in placing a blessing box in their community, adding such a special gift for those that are in need.

For more information on the Lowcountry Blessing Box Project, visit

Art Inspired by Pope John Paul II’s “Letter to Artists”

This semester fine arts students learned about the life of Pope Saint John Paul II. On Easter Sunday in 1999, Pope John Paul II delivered his “Letter to Artists” to the world. Painting students studied the “Letter to Artists” and Bible references in the document. Painting students shared their sketches and ideas in Teams before completing a finished work of art.


Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, sculptor, and author. Best known for his “inventions”, Rube’s early years as an engineer informed his most acclaimed work. A Rube Goldberg contraption – an elaborate set of arms, wheels, gears, handles, cups, and rods, put in motion by balls, canary cages, pails, boots, bathtubs, paddles, and live animals. Mr. Colizzi’s Honors Physics class had the mission of constructing their own timely Rube Goldberg machines.

​Click here to watch ALL of our Honors Physics Rube Goldberg Machines.

Here are a few videos of our creative and innovative Rube Goldberg Machines!


Drama 1 – Greek Mask Project

Students had to get creative and use materials they had around the house to create an authentic and wearable Greek Mask. A big part of the project was choosing a specific character from Greek Theatre and using that type of character to influence how they created the mask. The student considered the age, class, and status of their chosen character, so you will see some evil, funny, or kind characters. Many students chose to use paper mache, card board, tin foil, yarn, or Halloween masks that they were able to re-fashion into a mask. It was a huge success! They presented their mask live on Teams and then sent a picture of their mask later.

Spanish II

Finding yourself looking for something new to cook up in the kitchen? Well, Senora Brahim’s Spanish 2 class has you covered. Students wrote and presented their favorite recipes. Here are just a few recipes to mix up in your kitchen!

Learn to Cook In Spanish with Senora Brahim’s Spanish 2 Class