Free Math Tutoring

Meet me on Study Buddy!
Study Buddy is a peer-to-peer online tutoring platform. The Tutors are high school honor students who volunteer their time to help others understand and succeed on math and science by helping with homework, labs, and studying for tests! Tutoring is free, and unlimited. Whether there’s a need for help every day or once a month before the big test.

How Does Study Buddy Work?
• Student Tutors and students needing help “meet” using an online, interactive whiteboard.
• Assignments can be uploaded, or written directly on the board.
• The sidebar is used to instant chat to solve the problem.
• Students and Tutors can both write, draw, and communicate on the board simultaneously.
• It’s all in real-time.
• All sessions are automatically saved, and can be reviewed later.
All student tutors are honor students who are members of Mu Alpha Theta or recommended by their teachers. At a minimum, tutors are qualified in Basic and Middle School Math, as well as Algebra I. Some tutors are qualified up to AP Physics and Calculus B/C.
Tutors register with their school name, teacher sponsor, as well as the list of courses they are qualified to tutor. Once confirmed by Study Buddy, all tutors fill out their Schedule of Availability so they can be selected to tutor by their schedule. In addition, tutors may wait online to be pulled into an Immediate tutoring session!
When selected to tutor, tutors will be sent an email and a text notification, and given the option to Accept or Deny the session. An email/text is sent to the student when confirmed, and they meet at the scheduled time. All tutoring sessions are accessed through the Dashboard on Study Buddy’s website.
First, sign up! Then log-in and get started….
• Choose whether to have a tutor from your own school or go random, and choose one from somewhere else in the country!
• Now, Schedule your tutor (from a few minutes from now or a week ahead!). Choose the subject, date, and then you’ll see a list of all tutors available then. Choose a Tutor. You and the tutor will receive an email and a text notification regarding the date and time of the tutoring session.
• Go to your Dashboard at the appointed time, and “View” the session – you’ll automatically be brought into a whiteboard. Type or upload your problem(s), and start chatting!
• Or, if there are tutors online (check the number online at the top of the page), ask for an “Immediate” Tutor. You’ll automatically be brought into the whiteboard where you can start right away working with a tutor.

How to Sign up for Study Buddy Tutoring
1. Register at
2. Be sure to select “Student” from the pull-down menu.
3. Select your school from the pull-down menu.
4. Include your cell phone number and email for to be notified when your tutor accepts a scheduled tutoring session.

Request Tutoring
1. Log-in and “Request Tutoring”
2. Choose to access tutors nationwide OR one from your school.
3. Choose whether to Schedule a session OR request Immediate Tutoring
4. For Scheduled Tutoring: Select the Date and Time (can be within the hour!) and Subject.
5. Check your email to confirm session.
6. Meet your tutor on the whiteboard!