YESCarolina School Entrepreneurship Competition

Yesterday, the students in our Entrepreneurship class participated in the YESCarolina School Entrepreneurship Competition here at BE. Mary Kate Burkholder (teatime Charleston), Peyton Doyle (Train 4), Kevin Hart (Ninja Socks), Daniel Hollister (MiBall), Preston Maile (Maile’s Guitars), Tobin McDonald (Petsify), and Brendan Smith (Politicaid) presented their business plans to a panel of three judges.

All of the students have worked extremely hard this semester on their business ideas, and it showed in each of their presentations. The judges were very impressed by all of their ideas and had a very tough time making their decisions to choose the top three winners. Their choices were:

1st Place (and $250): Daniel Hollister (MiBall)
2nd Place (and $150): Preston Maile (Maile’s Guitars)
3rd Place (and ($100): Peyton Doyle (Train 4)

Daniel Hollister and Preston Maile will now go on to compete in the statewide business plan competition on Friday, May 4th at the College of Charleston School of Business. Danny and Preston will have the opportunity to win up to $3000 and an all-expenses paid week-long trip to New York to compete at the National Competition in June.

Please congratulate all of our young entrepreneurs for their awesome work and success in the competition. It has been a privilege to work with each of them throughout this semester.

And please come to the state competition to support Danny and Preston on May 4th.