Drama Program

The Drama Program at Bishop England is designed so that a wide range of students can be involved in theatrical and musical performance in a group environment that fosters creativity and teamwork. We have two main stage productions in the fall and spring, as well as other performance opportunities that include cabarets, ten minute play festivals, and small fundraisers throughout the school year. Students have a chance to be part of live theater either performing onstage or behind the scenes. Some backstage options are running lights and sound, painting sets, working as stage crew, working with costumes and makeup, playing in the orchestra, or helping with publicity. Auditions are open to all students, and the rehearsals for the play and musical are held after school three days a week on average.

Drama opportunities include five drama semester courses, a fall and spring production, and/or being a member in the Drama Club. There are three honors level drama courses offered – Advanced Drama Honors, Musical Theatre Honors, and Shakespeare in Action Honors. These classes alternate between school years. Students enrolled in courses are involved in class performances, collaborations and both partner and individual work onstage.


2018 Fall Production ~ I Hate Shakespeare!

Title: I Hate Shakespeare!
Author: Steph DeFerie
Date: November 9th & 10th @ 7pm
Place: Bishop Thompson Performing Arts Center
Ticket Prices: $5 for students with a non-BE ID, $7 for adults, free with BE ID
Produced by BE Drama Club
We hate Shakespeare! At least that’s what the audience thinks until they get a rip-roaring rundown of Shakespeare’s classics. With zombies, talking cows, and an appearance by Jerry Springer, I Hate Shakespeare! is a hilarious and fast-paced introduction to Shakespeare — with a modern twist. Plus, someone gets a pie in the face.