Parochial League

The Parochial League, started in the 1960s, is a basketball league for Charleston area Catholic middle schools. The teams consist of 7th and 8th graders from those schools and the games are played throughout January and February. The league promotes spirituality and inclusion by beginning each game with a prayer at center court and encouraging each team to play all their players each game.

Parochial League Rules

Schedule 2019

Parochial League Standings

COK I (2-0)
COK II (2-0)
Charleston Catholic (2-0)
COK III (1-1)
COK IV (1-1)
St. Benedict (0-2)
Nativity (0-2)
Blessed Sacrament (0-2)

COK II (2-0)
COK II (1-0)
Blessed Sacrament (1-1)
Charleston Catholic (0-1)
Nativity (0-2)