Bishop of the Month

Teachers are asked to nominate a student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty whether it be in the classroom or beyond. A student becomes nominated by the teacher who writes a description of what wonderful things the student has done without revealing the name. One student is chosen from each grade level, during the monthly All-School Mass the Bishop of the Month is announced. The winner receives a pizza lunch from Orlando’s and a tag day!


August Bishop of the Month

The freshman Bishop of the Month has stood out from the beginning.  His teachers describe him as respectful and funny. He is engaged in class discussions and is always eager to learn and help others. He is Luke Walmet.

The sophomore Bishop of the Month has a heart for everyone. She is caring, compassionate, and welcoming.  Her positivity is contagious and she makes HR 113 an even better HR. She is Marjorie Neeley.

The junior Bishop of the Month is a guy whose devotion to his faith impresses many. He is active on retreat team and pours his heart and energy into it.  His acts of kindness towards other students do not go unnoticed.  He is Thomas Regan.

This senior is being recognized for her dedication in the classroom, to her volunteer work and to the 3 sports in which she participates. She motivates and supports her teammates and excels in her honors classes. She is Patricia George.