French Club Loan to Kiva

Every year, French Club makes money through bake sales to make small loans on shows profiles for people or groups in poor areas of the world who are looking for loans to grow their small businesses. This spring, French Club decided to loan money to a group of women in Burkina Faso, in West Africa, planning to buy and sell cloth and shoes in order to support their children’s education and basic needs.

French Club chose Burkina Faso because it is a French-speaking country where there is currently a lot of violence. French Club members hope that economic development and education will eventually help stabilize the country.

Over the past several years, French Club has loaned over $1500 to four different projects. When their loans are repaid, they find another project to re-loan that money to.

If you’d like to help French Club make more Kiva loans, you can join our team here!