Meet Moses

Introducing MOSES…BEHS’s Mental Health Therapy Dog in training!

Moses is so excited to be at Bishop England and to hang out with the amazing students!
He has been training at BEHS for almost 2 months. Moses is a mini-bernedoodle and is loving his life at BEHS. During the first day of orientation, he was hugged, petted and loved!

Moses’ job is to bring some lightness to the stress of our everyday lives. He will be greeting students & staff in the mornings, hanging out with them at lunch, and sending them off in the afternoons when school finishes. He will be in the counseling office when needed, hanging out in classrooms and just all-around helping make the day a little brighter for everyone.

The Moses Club will be where students work to make a difference not only in our BEHS community every day but in all the communities around us.

Moses is working on his Instagram account and still open to ideas #meditationswithmoses #Moses10commands #mtsianistories

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Swanson at