Student Spotlight: Sarah Legare’ Smith

BE Freshman Sarah Legare’ Smith of Daniel Island won second place in the Daniel Island Historical Society essay contest. The Daniel Island Historical Society challenged area high school students with an essay contest. They asked students to consider how their own personal histories, perhaps their family stories, intersect with and continue the history of Daniel Island.  

Sarah’s essay is titled “Homegrown on Daniel Island.” Sarah grew up on Daniel Island and writes about how the island’s past and present have merged to make her the person she is today. She discusses how food played a role in life on the island in its early days and identifies a sprawling tree pictured in a 1949 photo that still sits on the island today. “I have become more aware of how much our backgrounds affect us all because of this essay, and in the end, I couldn’t be more grateful for the history that I’m living.”

The Daniel Island Historical Society was founded in 2011 and was officially established as a non-profit organization in 2012. From the beginning, the organization’s mission has been to uncover, preserve, and share Daniel Island’s rich and unique history for the benefit of both visitors and residents. In building the organization’s outreach program over the years, members of the DIHS board of directors have worked to help ignite a passion for history in our community. Local students have been an important part of that work, explained DIHS co-founder Beth Bush.