November is BEARD Season!

Be able to grow out your hair and beard!

During the month of November male students may participate in a fundraiser for the MUSC Cancer Center. Students will pay $10 to be able to grow out their beard during the month of November. If students pay $20 they may grow out their hair and beard!
Sign-ups will be the first week of November in the front hallway next to the office. Students need to be in compliance with the Student Handbook regarding hair policy and CLEAN shaven when they register that week.
Every student who signs up can dedicate their donation to someone affected by cancer. You can put their name on a sticker outside of the chapel. You can do this when you sign up, so have a name in mind.
*If you would like to ask for prayers for someone, you may write their name on a sticker for free*

Important Information and Dates

Begins Nov. 1st through Nov. 30th
Sign up the first week of November
Awards for beards (Best Beard, Best Hair, Patchiest Beard)
Proceeds go to MUSC Cancer Center
Must be clean shaven and haircut by 12/3

Keeping Track

The list of participating students will be updated daily
Students will be given a bracelet to wear the WHOLE month.