Academic Counseling

Our school counselors are here to help Bishop England students in their academic pursuits.  From meeting individually with students, to meeting with parents and having discussions with teachers, the school counselors strive to ensure their students are performing well, meeting expectations, and are placed in the correct academic level.  The school counselors regularly check grades and give students tools and suggestions on how to improve their grades, manage their time, and succeed in high school.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma from Bishop England High School, a student must meet the requirement of a minimum of eight semesters of attendance in a secondary school and earn twenty-four credits. Ordinarily, a student must be in attendance at BEHS for the last two semesters prior to graduation.


4 – Theology

4 – English

4 – Mathematics

3 – Science

2 – World Language

1 – U.S. History

½ – U.S. Government

½ – Economics

1 –Additional social studies

1 –Computer technology

1–Fine Arts

1 – Physical Education

1–Additional elective

24 Total credits

*Please note that Clemson University, the College of Charleston, and a number of other colleges and universities require 3 years of a world language. While Clemson requires those courses to be in the same language, the College of Charleston allows students to take two years of one language and one year of another.

* Theology is required only for the time a student is attending BEHS

** Graduation requirements are not allowed to be taken online during a student’s senior year

BEHS GPA Systems

GPA System of BEHS: The BEHS grade point average (GPA) that appears on student transcripts is based on the following system that weights grades according to academic level. This unique system is used in the college admissions process to display the rigor of our academic program.

90-100 A 6.5 5.5 4.5 3.5
85-89 B+ 6.0 5.0 4.0 3.0
80-84 B 5.5 4.5 3.5 2.5
75-79 C+ 5.0 4.0 3.0 2.0
70-74 C 4.5 3.5 2.5 1.5
Under 69 F 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

GPA System of our state:  BEHS also uses the grading policy for the state of South Carolina for college admission for in-state schools, South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy-SCUGP.

SCUGP after 8-15-16

Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for specific facts on SCUGP.



National Honor Society

NHS is a leader among organizations and societies that promote appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in character, leadership, scholarship, and service.

Click out to read further about our own chapter of the National Honor Society:  Father O’Brien Chapter.

Advanced Placement

The Honors and AP program is designed to challenge gifted students.  As part of the Honors Program, Bishop England participates in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) and offers 13 AP courses. Because the Honors program and AP curricula require such intense study, students selected for this program must demonstrate maturity, learn at an accelerated pace, and review/complete assignments with a high degree of independence. They are expected to be capable of writing well-organized, analytical essays and to apply information in a way that goes beyond basic comprehension of the facts.  They should be able to evaluate and synthesize information as well.

We offer 13 Advanced Placement classes for college credit:


Calculus AB

Calculus BC


English Language

English Literature

Environmental Science





Studio Art

United States Government

United States History


Visit the College Board’s Official AP Site

Schedule Changes

All Schedule changes for current students are handled by the School Counseling Department.  The school sets the following deadlines for schedule changes:

  1. The last date on which any student can drop or add a course is ten school days into the semester (August 30 for Fall Semester and January 17th for Spring Semester); however, a student may drop a course and add a study hall without penalty until September 16 for Fall Semester, and until February 6 for all Spring Semester courses. Beyond these dates, a student who wishes to drop an academic class may withdraw with a “WF” (Withdrawn – Failing) for all subsequent marking periods. The “WF” classification equates numerically to a 50%.
  2.  September 16, 2019 – Academic LEVEL Changes for FIRST SEMESTER Courses.
  3.  October 11, 2019 – Academic LEVEL Changes for YEAR-LONG Courses
  4. Students enrolled in classes that have 10 or fewer students may not be allowed to withdraw.
  5.  It is a requirement that underclassmen be enrolled in at least six academic classes each semester.
  6. Seniors must be enrolled in at least five academic classes each semester.
Study Skills

Click here for a great resource to help students improve their study skills.

Note Taking Tips

  1. Write down Key Points: Each teacher has a different teaching style. If your teacher repeats the same information more than once, be sure to write it down because he/she is giving you a clue that it’s important. Also if your teacher writes information on the board, be sure to write it down!
  2. Don’t overdo it. If you focus too much on getting everything your teacher says written down, you may miss the important points because you are writing frantically. Slow down and really listen.
  3. Ask: Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher to repeat what he/she has just said. If you didn’t get it all written down, most likely your classmates will need to hear it again too! If you still have questions, make arrangements to see your teacher after school.
  4. Compare: Compare your notes with other classmates to make sure you didn’t miss any key points. It’s also a good way to review what you learned with a friend.
  5. Use a Three Ring Binder: It allows you to add hand-outs and keep your notebook in order to better prepare for a test.
  6. Copy your Notes Again: If you wrote sloppy and/or it’s easier for you to study if your notes are typed, copy them again or type them. This is another way to go over the information again in a visual way.
  7. Date your Notes: It will make studying easier if your notes are all in order.
  8. Review your Notes for each class 20 minutes each night: Going over your notes each night will gradually get you familiar with the material. This will make your studying much more productive as it gets closer to test day. Cramming is NEVER a good way to study.
Accomodations and Application

Bishop England strives to meet the needs of a variety of students, including those with learning differences. Students may receive specific accommodations, such as extended time for testing, oral testing, or academic assistance in a learning lab, among many others. To qualify for such accommodations, students must have been tested by a licensed clinical psychologist or certified school psychologist within the past three years and must apply for specific accommodations.

The School Counseling Department oversees the application process. Questions should be referred to the student’s school counselor.

Application for Accommodations

Summer School

Summer School Options – Bishop England High School

The Counseling Department “Permission to take an Off Campus Course” for any Summer School course must be secured prior to registration for course failure and enrichment courses.

Course Failure: Students who earn less than 70% in a required course must re-take the course either during the next school year or in summer school prior to the start of the next school year. Both the original grade in the BE course and the “re-take” grade will be included in the student’s transcript. Only four units of credit toward a diploma may be earned in summer school. In order to receive credit for a course re-taken in summer school, the student must earn at least a 70% as the final average. The transcript will show zero credit for a course in which the student has earned less than 70%. A student who fails a required English or Math course must attend Summer School. Students will need to meet with their Counselor to determine approved options.

Course Enrichment: Students can take Summer School courses for enrichment purposes. These course(s) must not currently be available to take at Bishop England. A student taking an enrichment course can receive credit and the grade will be factored into the grade point average (GPA). The level assigned to the course will be determined by the Counselor and/or Academic Dean prior to registration. Once the course is completed, students are responsible for sending a transcript from the Summer School program to BE in order to receive credit. Students taking Dual Credit courses at Trident Technical College are responsible for sending a transcript to BE in order to receive the credit on their BE transcript. Credit will not be given for tutoring or for courses taken at a non-accredited school (except for driver’s education or approved online options).

Approved Summer School Options


Virtual SC

  • Courses are FREE, but fill up fast so you need to register on the first day registration begins!
  • Summer Registration Begins May 13 – May 27 for students in grades 11-12th and May 20 -May 27 for students in grades 9-10th grade.
  • Courses begin June 3rd. Final Exams must be taken on July30 at 11:00 with Mrs. Gastaldi at Bishop England High School. Classes are FREE of charge, Registration forms are available from your Counselor.
  • Dates & Deadlines:
  • IMPORTANT: You must select a course that is labeled with a CP (College Prep) NOT the course labeled CR (Credit Recovery). Bishop England does NOT allow you to take a CR (Credit Recovery) course.
  • Online Courses offered:
    • English 3
    • English 4
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • Economics
    • Government
    • IT Fundamentals (Computer)
    • Media Arts 1 (1.0 fine art credit)
  • International Connections Academy-Courses

English 9 A&B

English 10 A&B

English 11 A&B

English 12 A&B

Algebra I A&B

Geometry A&B
Algebra II A&B

World History A&B

US History A&B

Government A&B


Digital Photography 1A (Fine Art Credit)


  • BE for credit.


3. Laurel Springs

  • Cost: $1040 or more for college prep and elective courses, $1,250 or more for Honors, Science, and World Language courses, plus a non-refundable registration fee of $100 (NCAA accreditation). Semester courses are $725 – $830 or more.
  • Enrollment Start and End Dates for Year-Long Courses vary, you must go to the above website to check start and end dates.
  • Online Courses Offered:
  • English 1
  • English 2
  • English 3
  • English 4
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • World History
  • U.S. History
  • American Government
  • Economics

4. Florida Virtual School Global

  • Cost: $400 per half credit (student MUST complete a full 1.0 credit course), a total of $800 for one full credit course. (NCAA Accreditation)
  • Students must complete BOTH half credits to earn a full credit in the academic course
  • Online Courses Offered:
  •   English 1
  •   English 2
  •   English 3
  •   English 4
  •   Algebra 1
  •   Geometry
  •   Algebra 2
  •   World History
  •   US History
  •   US Government
  •   Economics

5. The Keystone School

Open enrollment:



  • Online/Print Courses offered:
  • English 1
  • English 2
  • English 3
  • English 4
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • World History
  • US History
  • American Government (.50 credit)
  • Economics (.50 credit)

6. BYU Independent Study  

  • Cost: Prices vary (student will need to complete the full credit course when necessary). This is the Teacher Led Course. Students are to only register for Teacher-led courses (no selfpaced online course will be allowed).
  • Student must complete BOTH half credits to earn a full credit in the academic course.
  • Online Courses offered:
English                                          Math                                 Other
9th Grade: ENGL 041 & ENGL 043 Algebra 1: ALG 051 & ALG 053
10th Grade: ENGL 045 & ENGL 047 Geometry: GEOM 041 & GEOM 043 Economics: ECON 041
11th Grade: ENGL 051 & ENGL 053 Algebra 2: ALG 055 & ALG 057 US Gov’t: GOVT 041
12th Grade: ENGL 055 & ENGL 057 US History: HIST 041 & HIST 043



7. James Madison Online High School

  • Cost: $299 per one full credit course. Open enrollment (enroll anytime). Please select
  • “College Prep” option when given, not “General”.
  • Online Courses Offered:
English 1
English 2
English 3
English 4          Algebra 1      Geometry         Algebra 2                  World History           US History


Enrolling in an off-campus course

Steps to taking a course not on the BE campus for enrichment:

  • The student meets with his/her school counselor to discuss options.
  • The student will request a “Permission to Take an Off Campus Course” form from his/her school counselor.
  • The student must turn in the completed form with a parent/guardian signature to Mrs. Gastaldi, the Director of Counseling.


*Taking an off-campus course requires permission from the Director of Counseling, Mrs. Gastaldi.

Tutoring Information

The Counseling Department can help you find tutors for most subjects. Some tutors are National Honor Society students who tutor for service hours and generally meet once a week during the school day. Other tutors are adults who meet the student outside of the school day and off campus. Please see your counselor for contacts.


Teachers offer designated time for academic help. Please click here for the 2019-20 schedule HELP-SESSIONS-2019-2020-1