Programs for Students and Parents



The Counseling Department strives to inform parents/guardians about opportunities for our students throughout the school year by offering topical events in the evenings. Please note these dates on your calendar and attend to stay informed. These events are also a great time to have your questions answered.

Freshman/Naviance Night

The freshman counselors introduce ninth graders and their parents to the counseling department’s program called Naviance which is a software program that provides students with college planning and career assessment tools.  Each BE student has his/her own account. In addition to the Naviance introduction, the counselors elaborate upon the services provided by the department


Senior Night

The senior counselors share the college application process and explain procedures to twelfth graders and their parents.

Financial Aid Night

The senior counselors, along with a local college financial aid officer, speak to twelfth graders and their parents about the FAFSA-The Free Application for Federal Student Aid and about searching for scholarships, loans and other forms of aid.


Sophomore/Junior Night or College Planning Night

The sophomore and junior counselors, along with guest speakers, offer break-out sessions covering many topics of interest.

Case Study Night

The counselors invite admissions officers from 12-15 colleges and universities to meet with students and parents to discuss what college admissions officers really look at when admitting, denying or wait listing applicants. This event is offered every other year on the BE campus.  Parents and students must complete some “homework” to receive the most out of the evening.