Welcome from Counseling Office

Our School Counseling Department offers many parent and student services. We address academic, college, and personal issues, and provide information related to these areas. We are here to guide and lend a helping hand when needed, and we look forward to working with our students and their families throughout their high school experience.

Phone: 843-849-9599

Fax: 843-849-7849


We have a Facebook Page! Ask to be Our Friend/Follow and get the latest updates on scholarships, colleges, community service opportunities, and be informed on what is happening in the School Counseling Department.


Each year BE sends a sophomore to the HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) seminar.  If you are interested in being a leader in your school and community, and want to expand on your leadership skills, please see Mrs. Kundinger in the Counseling office no later than November 22, 2019.

2020 HOBY will be held May 22-24 at Anderson University.


Attention ALL Seniors!!  Looking to get something done during our COVID-19 break?
The Senior Survey is OPEN on your Naviance Account.  All Seniors must complete the survey.   What is the Senior Survey?
The Senior Survey lets the Counseling Department know
1.  Where to send your final transcript.
2.  What scholarships and awards you have been awarded – this information goes into the graduation program.

3.  Updates your college acceptances, denials, waitlist, etc.  (this information will NOT be published)

How do I complete the Survey?
1.  Log Into your Naviance Account.
 2.  Under the “About Me” tab – on the left side you will see “Senior Survey”
 3.  Complete!

Students have until May 6 to complete the survey. 
Let us know if you have questions about the Senior Survey.

Mrs. Gastaldi – lgastaldi@behs.com
Mrs. Passante – cpassante@behs.com