Advanced Drama Production

We’ve all been to a football game before. The sweaty players, the food, the enthusiastic parents and students cheering on the game; But something is missing here. The cheerleaders! The Lions cheer squad is down on their luck when new rules for qualifying for nationals requires 5 members to constitute a full squad; but they only have 4.

Britney the cheer captain played by Braylee Bennett, puts together try outs to start their hunt for a new cheerleader. The problem is, the kids trying out aren’t your average cheerleaders. The play, So You Wanna Be A Cheerleader, written by M.G. Davidson, actively portrays this.

Bishop England High School’s Advanced Drama class is producing this marvelous show. Ashlan Stephenson, the instructor of this class says, “This class was created to put into action what the students have previously learned in Drama 1 and 2. Students learn how to produce a show from start to finish”. Their student director, Eliza Stevens, claims “[What’s so special about this show is] the diverse roles that not only I got to piece together in the play, but that the actors got to create. Reading the script you can clearly understand the characters and who they are, but once you have talented, creative, and humorous actors show it on stage it brings the play to life. Cheerleader will make everyone laugh whether you are 5 or 50 years old” .

The show is ridiculously funny regardless if you’ve lived the high school experience or not. Stephen Liming plays Kevin, the sarcastic male cheerleader of the squad. Liming promises “The comedy is quite enjoyable in this production and I think a lot of the jokes will end up landing with the audience”.

Other than the comedy, the show has some good messages. Mary Love Gurrieri plays Brittani, one of the few cheerleaders on the squad. She addresses “Teenagers often always judge a book by its cover and are not very excepting, but judging first impression can backfire” Lauren Mummert, plays Taylor, a girl who wants to try out for the squad. Mummert includes her character has given her insight of a deeper meaning. She discovered that “My character Taylor has shown me that even if something scares me to death I should still shoot for it because you miss every shot you don’t take”.

This show is funny and enjoyable to those behind the scenes and those in the house. The experience in the class has also inspired students in the class such as Braylee Bennett, Richard Dukes, Lauren Mummert, Mary Love Gurrieri, and Stephen Liming to take a career in the performing arts. They hope this show will also inspire you to reach for the stars no matter how you look or your “popularity rank”.

So You Wanna Be A Cheerleader is on April 27th at 6:30 p.m. in the Bishop Thompson Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $3. The nearest parking is on the stadium side of the school, near the Gym/Performing Arts Center entrance. For more information contact Ashlan Stephenson, drama teacher, at