1st Day of Service

The first day of the new school year at BE was a Day of Service! While our freshmen had a retreat on campus, grades 10, 11 and 12 went out serving the community with their teachers all over the Low Country.  Students and teachers served the community across the Low Country working at Homeworks, the Ronald McDonald House, the Veterans Hospital and cleaning up the beaches! 

The idea for 1st Day of Service came from our faculty committee, Service in the Curriculum. We wanted to help students see that “serving their neighbor” is an integral part of our Catholic mission.  We don’t want it to be a box they check off to satisfy a mandatory requirement, or something they only do as an individual to get into college. As Christians, we believe that it is in giving that we receive. On this inaugural day of Giving we wanted to love our neighbor together as one body.  Having it on the first day of school underscores to us all that love of neighbor is at the heart of our Catholic mission.

We hope our students will spend their lives being “channels of peace” as in the prayer of St. Francis. We encourage them to develop ongoing relationships with any of the places we went today as well as finding their own way to bring joy to others. 

Our parents were very receptive and excited, donating money to buy construction supplies, garden supplies, food for meals, transportation, and then some even joined us volunteering at beach sweeps, planning, cooking, cleaning, hammering at the various locations.

As Rosie Ryan (Office Administrator – Class of 1963)  said, “I think this was a tremendous showing of what BE is all about and I pray that all of us who were fortunate enough to participate will take this with us as a reminder of what our mission should be and that is not only caring for others but helping others as Christians every day of our lives.  Love comes in all forms and sharing and caring is the best and what better way to show our students if not by example.”

For more information please contact Meg Boyer at mboyer@behs.com or 843-9599 ext. 141