Bishop England Engineering Club Wins at Storm the Citadel

Bishop England Engineering Club won the High School Division for the Annual Citadel’s Storm the Citadel Trebuchet Competition. Storm the Citadel was held on February 8, 2020 at the Citadel Parade Grounds. The hands-on engineering competition was open to K-12 students from all over the Low Country.  The areas of competition were  Trebuchet, Water Bottle Rockets, Bridge and Robotics.

Additionally, Ayden Haas ’22 won third place in the Water Bottle Rocket Competition! Participants re-engineered a plastic water bottle to see how far it can go. The rockets were pressurized to 75 psi and launched. Ayden’s win was determined by the distance traveled down range in a specified direction.

The BE Engineering Team designed and built a trebuchet and launched their trebuchet on The Citadel parade grounds. For more information on the annual event, visit the Storm the Citadel website.

Congratulations to the BE Engineering Club!