Important PSAT Information

The PSAT will be held at BE for all students grades 9-11 on the morning of Wednesday, October 16th.

9th grade students received a sheet of paper with information about the test and links to practice tests.
10th and 11th graders received a student guide and a practice test.

Students are to report directly to their assigned room by 8:10.

Latecomers will not be admitted into the room once testing has begun, so students should arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Students are to be in uniform and should have #2 pencils (NOT mechanical), erasers, and an approved calculator (graphic and scientific calculators – see page 28 in the student guide). Other items to bring, and to NOT bring, can be found on page 8 of the test guide.  Water and snacks will be allowed during breaks.

Students with the accommodation of calculator use should bring a 4-function calculator in addition to their graphing or scientific calculator.