Disney Dreamer at BEHS

Congratulations to our very own Anna Kelly Zielke! Bishop England Sophomore and Disney fan, Anna Kelly Zielke decided to join thousands of other applicants in applying for the elite Disney Dreamers Academy Class of 2019.

Anna Kelly did received her acceptance right before Christmas, along with 99 other kids – out of a thousands of other applicants.

“I couldn’t stop jumping around in my house because I was so excited!” she exclaimed.

At the program, Anna Kelly and her classmates will “learn lessons in becoming their most genuine, present and ambitious selves, answering the call of their dreams with relentless pursuit,” stated a press release.

The Disney Dreamers Academy (DDA) draws its inspiration from Walt Disney himself, who, as the website for the program explains, “arrived in Hollywood in 1923 with a few dollars in his pocket and a dream of drawing cartoons. He faced rejection, but he believed in his talent and his dream. Today, Walt’s tiny animation studio has grown into the largest media company in the world, and his work has touched billions. The Academy’s mission continues Walt’s belief in the power of dreams.”

The DDA, now in its 12th year, offers unique opportunities for students to engage with experienced mentors (such as TV celebrity Steve Harvey), expand their horizons through career workshops, and develop interviewing and networking skills. And of course – all activities cater to “dreamers,” or those who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, compassion, courage in facing obstacles with poise and maturity, a positive outlook, generous spirit and optimism about the future.

Those selected to attend the four-day session, which will take place March 24-29, receive complimentary airfare, hotel accommodations, and theme park tickets for the student and a guardian.

“I want to go and be inspired by all these people and learn as much as I can from them. I’ve read a lot about past dreamers and what they’ve achieved, and they say your world changes. The way you see things changes, because of all the amazing people who mentor you.”

But she’s also looking forward to the whole Disney experience – and the chance to soak in the magic.

“I’m super excited,” added Zielke. “It’s so close now!”