Gold Level Service Award – Joey Benton

Joey Benton has already accomplished Gold Level for service for this school year with 245 hours! Gold level means that a student or faculty member has done at least 100 hours of service.
Joey volunteered as a camp counselor at Camp Sweet Escape, at both the Travelers Rest and Midlands camps. It’s a camp for kids with diabetes, since it’s hard for them to attend other camps due to their health concerns. For Joey, it was a challenge for him to stay up late helping the kids with their blood checks every night. But, he loved spending time with the kids and making personal connections with others there. He learned that even though there were limits to what he could do physically, due to his own health concerns, he found other ways to contribute. Every individual brought different strengths and talents and that’s what made the camp work so well. He hopes that others at BE will find a cause they really care about!