January Bishop of the Month


The freshman nominee is described as kind and compassionate to his peers.  He lives out his faith in the classroom and tries his best at all he does while displaying humility.  He is an athlete, a team player and his teacher describes him as a blessing to the BE community. We are grateful for our freshman Bishop of the Month, Ryan Murray!

In the fall this sophomore came to me with a great idea and wanted to know how to execute it.  Then this student took this idea and ran with it, accomplishing much more than I dreamed. This student went to all the class boards and other clubs to pitch the idea.  In the end, he is responsible for adopting several families through Charleston Elves which is an organization that helps families who have a child or other family member with cancer. With the help of others, he collected toys, wrapped and organized the gifts and then distributed the gifts. Because of this student’s efforts many children and their families affected by cancer had a memorable Christmas. We are very proud of our sophomore Bishop of the Month, Zach Skipper!

This junior is a member of one of the clubs that was on board to help with the Charleston Elves project.  The club needed to raise money, so this student conceived the idea to sell BE ornaments.  She acquired the supplies, assembled the ornaments, took orders and sold the ornaments, and then finally delivered the ornaments always with a positive attitude and a smile.  Congratulations to junior Bishop of the Month, Mary Parker McLaughlin!

Attributes such as kind, generous, patient, honest and well rounded were used to describe this senior. This person was outstanding on the Day of Service helping to screen in a back porch, working hard the entire time. This person also has volunteered at ECCO and has received an award from the Society of Torch and Laurel for hard work and integrity. He is well rounded in sports and academics and is respected by his peers and teachers. Give it up for senior Bishop of the Month, Charlie Michel!

Faculty Bishop of the Month

This month’s Faculty Bishop of the Month is someone who truly embodies the BE spirit and sets great store by the Bishop England High School experience and the opportunities that it affords to those who choose it. He truly loves this school and loves our Faith. This person truly invests in his students’ lives and takes the time to get to know them and make them feel a part of this community – a community to which this person makes significant contributions. This person helps with organizations that are both sports related as well as service-related. This person assists with our basketball program, serves as chauffeur to the stars for the Youth in Government program, and coordinates our intramurals program. This person places great importance on leading by example, serving others, and treating others with kindness, even when that kindness is somewhat random! He is a graduate of Bishop England High School, class of ’83. Congratulations to our January Bishop of the Month, Jimmy Garrett!