November Bishop of the Month

November Bishop of the Month

This freshman Bishop of the Month is nominated for being inquisitive, respectful, friendly and a leader. She has an excellent work ethic and a great sense of humor. As a freshman, she has already become very involved in several clubs. Congratulations Andrea Gonzalez Trujillo!

The sophomore nominee has a cheerful disposition and optimistic attitude, but she really stood out as a host for the 8th-grade visits. She was welcoming, helpful and represented BE in the most positive way. Way to go Caroline Collins!

This young lady has a great love for Christ and exhibits that love with those she encounters, whether it’s at Bible Study, in class, or through service to the school. She was an integral part of Bishop Screamland and went above and beyond her duties that night. We are proud of our junior Bishop of the Month, Grace Carruthers!

Our senior nominee is a young man who goes out of his way to help others. His selfless ways are noticed in the classroom, at lunch or even with his teammates. His faith is strong, his smile is big and he has some pretty good moves on the basketball court. Congratulations Jack Rider!

November Faculty Bishop of the Month

This month’s Faculty Bishop of the Month is someone who truly gives freely of his time and talent – and this person has a vast array of hidden talents that have come in very handy over the years! This person is kind and compassionate and always has a smile to share. This person always seems to have things under control, even when he is balancing lots of different activities – and he always seems to be involved in something! He is frequently asked to help out in any number of different ways, and he always seems to say yes! This teacher has lots of hobbies that he has worked into his career as well. Some of those interests include fish, archery, softball, drama set building, and even more recently – girls’ golf and Youth in Government! Congratulations to this month’s Faculty Bishop of the Month – Chris Cusack!