Bishop England High School does not offer any type of merit or athletic scholarship to attend.  We do offer some tuition assistance based solely on need.  Realizing that the need far outweighs the amount of money currently available for tuition assistance, the school must be diligent in assuring an equitable distribution of the money raised through the N.J. Theos Tuition Assistance Fund. Therefore, we have contracted with FACTS, an independent company that specializes in tuition distribution for Catholic schools to assist us with this process. By working with an outside agency, we are better able to assure impartial determinations and protect the confidentiality of our families. The process to apply for assistance through FACTS will take place during the months of February and March for money given in the next school year. A student must be accepted and registered before a parent or guardian may apply for tuition assistance. You may direct any of your questions to our business manager, Ms. Cindy Hart at extension 146 or email her.

Current and new families enrolling their child for the 2020-21 school year may apply for tuition assistance beginning MARCH 1, 2020 through their own FACTS login.  Look for the link for grants/tuition assistance.

For those families who plan to pay the full tuition in the month of July, there is a 2% discount reducing the total amount owed.

Click FACTS to log-in to the outside portal or create a new account.

For those students who are registered for our Options Program or who qualify for accommodations based on a diagnosis from a psycho-educational evaluation completed by a certified professional, there is a state funded program to assist families in tuition cost called Exceptional SC. For more information on this program and funding for the school by the State please visit ExceptionalSC.