Choral Program

Involvement in music classes provides avenues and opportunities for artistic expression and the discovery of hidden talents while promoting self-confidence, individual growth and leadership among our students. Our music students benefit from a strong sense of community while learning valuable life lessons in teamwork and leadership.

Membership in the Bishop England High School Choral Program provides memorable and fun experiences with fellow musicians, opportunities for significant personal and musical growth and pride of membership in a fine arts department committed to excellence. The choral music program at Bishop England includes courses during the school day and a Glee Club.

We structure the choir’s activities to serve our school, community and fine arts curriculum. The Bishop England Choir is open to freshmen through seniors and is comprised of students enrolled in choral courses, as well as, Glee Club members. An Honors level, the Choral Ensemble, is available for students who make it through the audition process. The Bishop England Choir performs repertoire spanning a variety of musical styles, cultures and historical periods. Students perform in fall and spring concerts, at sporting  and community events, as well as provide liturgical music for school and community Masses. Seniors have an opportunity for a “spotlight solo” during the spring concert.

Students who are unable to fit choir into their schedule are encouraged to join our Glee Club which meets on Mondays and Wednesdays after school from 3:00 to 3:30 pm. The club focuses more on pop music and is an extension of the Bishop England Choir.