BE Scholarships

We are grateful to the many generous donors who have established and continue to sustain scholarships and awards to Bishop England students. We gratefully accept donations to supplement any of the named scholarships or awards listed here. For more information on how to start a scholarship fund, please contact the Development Office 843-849-9599.

Scholarships and Awards held at Bishop England High School and other Financial Institutions

Recipients are selected in accordance with established criteria for each scholarship and award.

Russell McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship

Russell William McLaughlin, a 2019 Bishop England graduate and captain of the soccer team, entered into eternal rest on May 5, 2020. This scholarship was created to memorialize his legacy as a teammate and leader, both on and off the soccer field. Funds awarded in Russel’s memory will support a Bishop England student who similarly demonstrates hard work, a positive attitude, and an altruistic spirit. Give to the Russell McLaughlin Scholarship.

Bryan Argenio Art Award

Established by Ruthie Argenio in memory of her son, Bryan Argenio this award is given to a BE senior who has shown strong interest in art and a desire to pursue art after high school.

Carol St. Clair Scholarship

Established by her family to honor her legacy at Bishop England High School. Carol retired after 25 years of teaching, 17 of which were spent at BE. While at BE, Mrs. St. Clair worked tirelessly to inspire a love of science in many students. She led the student government for many years and helped organize many events and fundraisers at the school. This scholarship is given to a graduating senior who displays a positive work ethic and exemplary integrity. He or she is self-assured, kind and welcoming to all. The student shares similar interests as Mrs. St. Clair by pursuing a college major that is science, technology or education-related.

Christopher Joseph Cahill ’99 Scholarship

This fund was established in memory of Joseph F. ’71 and Catherine Cahill’s son, Chris ’99, who was tragically killed in a car accident while attending Furman University. This scholarship will benefit BE students who plan to attend Furman University. The recipient will be selected based on his/her performance at Bishop England with consideration given to the following areas; extra curricular involvement, academic standings and community service.

Daniel Island Community Scholarship

Established by Daniel Island Community Association this scholarship provides need based financial assistance to students attending Bishop England from 29492, 29450 area codes.

Daniel Island Grill Rising Student Scholarship

Established by the Daniel Island Grill this scholarship is awarded to a male and female student at Bishop England High School to be applied to tuition. Selection is based on their achievements in the classroom, involvement in school activities and participation in the community.

Bette Griffith Theology Award

Established by the Griffith Family in memory of Bette Griffith ’52. who was a strong and beautiful member of our BE and Charleston community. Bette’s devotion to her faith is one of the hallmarks of her legacy, and it is properly acknowledged with the establishment of this award. A $1,000 is given annually to a current BE student who exemplifies his/her life as a strong practicing Catholic, a life style Bette embodied

Kevin Hogan Health Scholarship

Established and funded by Dr. Kevin Hogan, this scholarship is awarded to a  graduating senior interested in studying and then pursuing a career in the health field

Steve Kramer National Honor Society Scholarship

During his sophomore year at Bishop England, Steve Kramer was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to eventually be flown back and forth to California to receive treatments. During this time Steve would still ask for his assignments and make test arrangements. He had such a desire to learn. This scholarship was founded by a group of BE National Honor Society Students who were very close to Steve and his brother Chuck Kramer ’83. These students drew up the guidelines upon permission from Mr. and Mrs. Kramer. The BE members of the NHS are responsible for raising a portion of the funds awarded. The parents of Steve Kramer, Theodore and Dorothy, generously contribute to this fund above and beyond what the Bishop England NHS raises.

Brianna Leask ’14 Options Program Scholarship

Established by Noah and Lisa Leask in honor of their daughter Brianna Leask ’14. This scholarship helps students enrolled in the Options Program fulfill their dreams of enjoying a inclusive high school experience. Each year the school received $10,000 to help an options student attend BEHS.

Mary Marquardt Scholarship

Established by Chuck and Marie Marquart in memory of their daughter Mary Marquardt this scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who may have had adversity but attempts to find the good in it while turning to God to get through it, is caring of others, respected by peers, involved in extra-curricular activities that they are truly passionate about, is not afraid to do the right thing and is still respected by peers, has humility about his/her qualities.

John and Virginia Meeks Scholarship

Established in memory of John and Virginia Meeks by their daughter Virginia “Ginger” Meeks ‘ 62 to be awarded to a student in need of financial assistance.

Church of Nativity Scholarship

Established by the Nativity School Ladies Guild this scholarship is awarded to the first and second honor graduates at The Nativity School to be used towards tuition at Bishop England High School.

Jeannie O’Neill ’73 Scholarship

Established by Robert P. Parker to honor the memory of his wife, Jeannie O’Neil ’73. The fund will be used to provide financial assistance to two to four Bishop England students per year.

The Norma ’54 (Cannon) Palms Fine Arts Assistance Award

Established in honor of Norma ’54 (Cannon) Palms and her love for the arts, Dr. and Mrs. Palms offer an annual scholarship award to promising fine art students at Bishop England. The scholarship provides annual financial assistance for one or two students who demonstrate exceptional interest and ability in areas of the fine arts. Dr. and Mrs. Palms are grateful for the education that Norma Cannon Palms received while at BE and are pleased to offer this opportunity to encourage excellence and a vibrant future to its fine arts students in her name.

Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy Tuition Scholarship

Established by the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy to provide scholarships for deserving Catholic students to have the opportunity for an education at Bishop England High School.

Charles S Way, III ’79 Scholarship

Established by Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary Ellen Way, Jr. This award is given in memory of Charles S. Way, III “C” to a well rounded rising senior with a zest for life.

The Xan Bowman ’12 Bridge to Clemson Scholarship

Established by Philip M. Bowman in memory of his son Xan Bowman, a 2012 graduate of BE who enrolled in the Bridge to Clemson program. He passed away shortly before he was scheduled to graduate from Clemson in 2017. This scholarship will benefit BE students who enroll in the Bridge to Clemson program. The recipient(s) will be selected based on his/her performance at Bishop England with consideration given to the following areas: financial need, extracurricular involvement, attitude, spirituality, academic standing and community service, and a zest for life and love of Bishop England.

The scholarship will be based on the donations and funds raised by the annual Xan The Man Golf Tournament.

The Iron Joe Scholarship Fund

Established by family and friends to honor and memorialize Joseph Condon, Jr. ’69, “Iron Joe” who lost his battle to cancer in 2016.  Joe always wanted to help fund tuition for a Catholic student to attend Bishop England.  This scholarship is awarded yearly to a deserving student who wishes to attend BEHS but can not afford to do so.

Scholarships and Awards held at Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina

Allene & Charles Barans Science Award

Established by Charles and Allene Barans, this award is intended for a well rounded student who demonstrates an outstanding work ethic and a propensity for the study of science, not for the exceptional student who is likely to receive other academic achievement awards.

Margaret Bayly ’30 Scholarship Endowment

Established by Margaret Bayly ’30 upon her death, this fund is used for the purpose of awarding scholarships to students of need who might not otherwise be able to attend Bishop England High School.

BEHS Athletic Endowment Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation

Established by Bishop England alumni and friends, the BEHS Athletic Endowment Fund is managed by the Coastal Community Foundation providing ongoing support for the BE Athletic program and its athletes. This fund is designed not to supplement the operating budget, but to enhance athletics in general.  To date, the fund has contributed more than $200,000 to further this effort.  The most visible project is the Carl Poole track on campus. For information on how you may participate, contact our Alumni Office.

William Melvin & Juanita W. Brown Scholarship Fund

Established in 1995 by the late Mrs. Juanita Brown in memory of her husband, W. Melvin Brown.  This fund aids in tuition assistance for African American, Catholic students who live in Charleston County and attend or have been accepted to attend Bishop England.

George Bullwinkel Scholarship Fund

Established by the family of George J. F. Bullwinkel, Sr., this fund is used for the purpose of awarding asisstance to students who might not otherwise be able to attend Bishop England. Mr. Bullwinkel demonstrated his support of BE in many ways until the time of his death in July of 1999. He helped form the first football team at BE in 1944 which he coached for ten years, five of those years as head coach.

Mary F. Condon Scholarship Fund

Established by the family, this scholarship is awarded to a current senior with a good personality to help with college tuition.

Genevieve Duane ’35 Business Award

Established by Walter V. Duane ’39 this business award honors his sister, Genevieve Duane ’35. The Duanes, parents of a strong Bishop England family, saw their nine children graduate from our institution with Genevieve being the seventh of the nine. Known for her business acumen and deep religious faith, she worked successfully in the community exhibiting strong moral character and work ethic. This award is given to a member of the junior class who exhibits a good work ethic, good moral character, and potential for success in the business world.

Charles & Cecil Eiserhardt Scholarship Endowment Fund

Established in memory of Charles E. ’33 and Cecil L. Eiserhhardt, Sr. by their family; George J. and Margaret ’66 (Eiserhardt) Bullwinkel, Charles E. and Carolyn (Schill) Eiserhardt, Jr. ’64, Thomas W. ’70 and Rita Eiserhardt, Robert C. and Mary Ellen ’68 (Eiserhardt) Lenhardt. This Scholarship is given to a senior graduating and going on to college who possesses a good work ethic and who would make Mr. and Mrs. Eiserhardt, Sr. proud.

The Eiserhardt Family Fund

The “Teacher of The Year” Award is funded by the Eiserhardt family and given to a teacher who exhibits a desire to grow as a teacher, to be innovative, to be a positive influence on others, and to challenge students to achieve and do their best. This award is voted on by the faculty and staff at Bishop England.

Ella V. Hurley Scholarship

Established in memory of Ella V. Hurley, this scholarship was created to assist with college expenses or tuition assistance for a current Bishop England student.

Chicco-Kaiser Family Award

The Chicco-Kiser Family Award, funded by the Chicco-Kiser family, honors the memory of Vincent J. Chicco, Bob and Ursula Kiser, Amanda Jahnz Kiser ’00, and Patrick Clarkin ’03. This award is given to a current BE student who is active in his/her church particularly in youth programs, is involved in volunteer work, is respectful to authority, and is an all around helpful person.

Father Robert Kelly Scholarship

Established by Monsignor Robert J. Kelly and supported by his family and friends, this annual scholarship  provides financial assistance to help a student at Bishop England High School. Father Kelly was a faculty member at BE from 1959 to 1974 and vice rector for several years. He became a rector of Bishop England in 1964 a postion he held until 1990. He was a teacher, principal and friend to generation after generation of students that have come through BE. Father Kelly could be found at every sporting event cheering on the students and the sports he loved so dearly. The baseball complex at Bishop England is named after him.

James J. Kerr Family Tuition Assistance Fund

Established by James ’61 and Bunny Kerr this fund is used to provide grants to Bishop England for students in need of financial assistance to attend BEHS. Mr. and Mrs. Kerr established a separate endowment, The Kerr Family Scholarship Fund, with the Citadel Foundation to provide funds to support a scholarship to a cadet of the Catholic faith from Charleston County who is a business major, with average grades or above, who has displayed leadership and extra curricular activities, and who has demonstrated financial need. Bishop England graduates accepted into the Citadel receive first priority during the selection process.

Msgr. John L. Manning Scholarship Fund

At his death in 1976, a scholarship fund was established in the name of Monsignor John L. Manning. Father Manning spent his 49 year career with the Catholic Diocese of Charleston including as a teacher at BE. A scholarship is awarded annually to a BE senior who has prospered spiritually and educationally at the school Father Manning loved so deeply.

H. George Meyer ’35 Scholarship Fund

Quietly established by H. George Meyer, “Mr. George”, this fund is to help BE students with a Catholic education. The Meyer family continues to support this scholarship.

William Cheney Moore, IV. ’90 Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of William Cheney Moore, IV ’90 by his parents William C. and Ann R. Moore. William was a good student and good athlete while at Bishop England and went onto college to pursue both. He was diagnosed with cancer while in college. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is succeeding very well academically and should be in the top 25% of thier class and exhibit kindness and respect for other people and their property.

Bill Runey, Jr.  ’84 Scholarship Endowment Fund

Established in honor of Bill Runey ’84 by Chuck Eiserhardt ’64, Michael Runey ’64 and Michael Robinson ’61 for his loyalty and service to his alma mater as a teacher, coach and vice principal. This scholarship is awarded to a current BE student in need of tuition assistance.

Paul Runey Family Fund

Established in honor of Paul M. Runey ’74 by his family and friends for his many achievements and contributions to the school he has committed to for over forty years. This award is given to a current Bishop England student in need of tuition assistance.

Michael ’35 and Elsie ’38 (Condon) Runey, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by friends and family of Michael and Elsie Runey, Jr., this fund is awarded to a Bishop England graduating senior who participates in extracurricular activities and shows good character and sportsmanship. Mr. and Mrs. Runey always supported Bishop England and now through their named scholarship their friends and family continue to help the young people of our  BE community.

Mr. and Mrs. Asaid F. Shahid Scholarship Fund

Established by Mary ’39 and Adele ’49 Shahid to honor their parents, Asaid and Fadwa Shahid this scholarship is awarded to a Catholic senior who has attended BEHS for four years who has earned superior grades and has a history of involvement in school activities.

Laura Hoke Skatell Community Service Award Endowment

Established by Laura Hoke Skatell’s family and friends, this Endowed Scholarship Fund is used for the purpose of giving a college scholarship to a deserving senior at Bishop England High School who reflects the qualities Laura possessed; unselfish involvement in the community and concern for those less fortunate throughout his/her high school years.

Daniel ’30 & Evelyn Sullivan Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of Daniel J. ’30 and Evelyn P. Sullivan by their family; Gus and Trisha ’68 (Sullivan) Gustafson, Michael ’73 and Maureen Sullivan, Daniel ’70 and Mimi Sullivan, Jr., Mary Ann Sullivan ’61. This scholarship is given to a student who is an incoming freshman and demonstrates academic potential and integrity.