Message From Chaplain

The mission of Bishop England High School’s Campus Ministry may be summarized in Jesus Christ’s short words,  “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).  In a culture where “truth is what you believe in,” to quote one contemporary song, Jesus’ claim to be one single Truth is seemingly boastful.  He spoke these words to His doubters who claimed that they had never been confined to physical enslavement, but Jesus meant He is a path away from spiritual entanglement to the ways of sin.

As an institution of the Catholic Church, Bishop England seeks to form young men and women in the values taught by Jesus: love of God and love of neighbor as expressed by academic excellence, healthy individual choices and concrete works of corporal and spiritual mercy.

Perhaps as never before young people are faced with so many mixed messages of relativism and self-indulgence available by so many means.  Campus Ministry exists to provide an avenue for all students to learn a better, enduring way from the One who claims to be “the way, the truth and the life.”

The more young people are able to encounter the risen Lord and reconcile the Jesus of history with the Jesus of faith, the better equipped they will be to learn what they need to succeed as well as to avoid self-destructive actions and ideas with which they may become entangled for years to come.  Campus Ministry seeks not only to provide this exposure to the next generation, but also ensure they know to Whom they can come when the inevitable bumps in the road of life arise.

Optional Masses are offered during the lunch period 2 times weekly and compulsory Mass is required of the entire student body once monthly.  Confession and spiritual counseling are also offered for those Catholics who seek reconciliation with the Lord and all who wish to talk about the issues they, their families, and friends face in a confidential, safe environment.  With the help of the Almighty, Campus Ministry strives to form the future according to the vision of divine love.