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Most students at Bishop England participate in some activity after school hours in addition to maintaining their academic work. BE strives to help students grow in their social life, expand talents outside the classroom and educate themselves to the fullest extent possible. Student activities are characterized by extensive student participation in both planning and carrying out these programs. In all activities, leadership and cooperative attitudes are promoted.
All meetings are at lunch unless otherwise noted.


Advisor: Chris Cusack

Meetings: 1st  and 3rd Monday of the month, 108B

Governmental board specifically for the senior class that oversees and runs certain events for the school and events pertaining specifically to the senior class such as the Homecoming Festival, election of officers and homeroom representatives elected in fall.


Advisor: Anne Canterbury and Kathy Grisillo

Meetings: 1st Monday of month, 114

Governmental board specifically for the junior class that oversees and runs certain events for the school or events pertaining specifically to the junior class such as the Junior Senior Prom, election of officers and homeroom representatives elected in fall.


Advisor: Peter Collins

Meetings: 1st Monday of the month, 166A

Governmental board specifically for the sophomore class that oversees and runs certain events for the school and events pertaining specifically to the sophomore class such as the World’s Finest Chocolate Sale, election of officers and homeroom representatives elected in fall.


Advisor: Heather Weed

Meetings: 1st Monday of the month & 2nd Wednesday of the month, 246A

Governmental board specifically for the freshman class that oversees and runs certain events for the school and events pertaining specifically to the freshman class such as the Valentine Carnation Sales, fall election of officers and homeroom representatives once first quarter is completed.


Advisor: Chris Cusack  and Jason Burnette 

Meetings: As announced in, 108B

For those interested in learning about the sport of archery, acquiring the skills to shoot an arrow from a bow accurately and competing against others in the sport of archery.


Advisor: Emily Herrmann

Students who work specifically with our Options program students mentoring and guiding them while on campus and socially interacting with them outside of school.


Advisor: Kit Brownell

Meetings: As announced, 155A

Students who serve as mentors to our new students and freshman class, paired up with one or two new/transfer students and work packet pick up day to offer tours and guidance, apply in spring for the following year.


Advisor: Lucia Gonzalez

Meetings: Thursdays after school, 224A

Subgroups of campus ministry that meet weekly, open to all faiths who are seeking to grow in their faith, meet new people, and become a part of the Christian community at BE.


Advisor: Priscilla Estrada

Meetings: 4th Friday of the month, 218A

Christian Students Mission of Charity – a service organization dedicated to outreach in our local community, those interested in volunteerism should join.


Advisor: Ashlan Stephenson

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month PAC

Any student who loves to act, who wants to be part of a team of fellow creative students, and who wants to help fundraise and promote the shows at Bishop England can join the Drama Club. Drama Club assists the Director with all aspects of productions, from helping manage auditions, to being in the shows, to working backstage, and to running lights and sound. Club members help to publicize the shows in the community, and the club may attend a local professional theatre performance. Ms. Stephenson serves as moderator for the club, and the club’s monthly meeting is held at lunch on the second Thursday of each month.

The Drama Club is very active throughout the school year. Not only does the club produce the two main stage shows in the fall and spring, but also hold fundraisers for the club and charities around Bishop England. We go on field trips to local theatres to increase student’s knowledge and experience in acting and technical direction. In the past, we have taken field trips to Cardinal Newman high school, Dock Street Theatre, and the Gaillard Center to see a variety of shows in both educational and professional settings. In 2019, students went to London over spring break to explore the theatre scene. Students went through a professional workshop held at one of West End’s studios, say two professional shows, and toured the Globe Theatre. For fundraisers, the club members helped raise money for the American Heart Association in February and produced a Cabaret to raise money for local families in need.


Advisor:  Kelsey Leonard

Meetings:  1st Friday of the month, plus occasional after school meetings for building/design.  Room 155.

The Engineering Club discusses different types of Engineering, welcomes occasional guest speakers and members build Water Bottle Rockets and a Trebuchet to compete at the Citadel.  Members will learn to build utilizing team work, imagination, design, mathematics, physics, and hands on fun!


Advisor: Stephen Beach

Meetings: Thursday at lunch

The Fellas is a discipleship group for male students who are seeking to go deeper in their Christian faith as brothers. We meet weekly to pray, share, learn, and enjoy fellowship. All guys are welcome. “Strength and Truth in Christ.”


Advisor: Christine Ronco

Coach: Andrea Dussault

Season: November through January, 3 days per week after school

This club is designed for students who are interested in learning and playing the sport of field hockey.  Beginner and experienced players are welcome!  The season begins in early November and finishes in mid-January.  Practice is 3 days per week immediately after school. Great way to be a part of a positive team environment and meet some new friends.


Advisor: Jill Chappell

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of the month, 103A

Students meet with advisor monthly to discuss French culture, experience foods and pastimes of France, members go on a field trip to a local school to share their studies of France.


Advisor: Tom Gerber

Meetings: Monday and Wednesday afternoons, 164C

For students with a high interest in music and singing, particularly pop music; enjoy singing within a group, learning new songs, and performing.


Contact for informationPaul Runey

This club sport runs in conjunction with students from Porter Gaud and Hanahan High School to compete on a blended team against local competition usually beginning in latter part of October; league is run through a state organization not associated with the school. Click here for more information.


Advisors: Chris Cusack and Tony Colizzi

The IDTC is responsible for building/construction of Bishop Screamland sets, as well as Drama production sets, and other school needs.


Advisor: Jimmy Garrett

Meetings: As announced 236A

Volleyball – for boys/girls who enjoy physical activity but not the everyday commitment of a team sport at BE, the commitment is one or two days a week after school, season runs in the spring, you cannot be a member of a team sport for BE that is in session and participate or a play volleyball for Bishop England High School, you can sign up with a friend to be on the same team, great way to meet other students.


Advisor: Alisha Martini

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday PAC

Club dedicated to serving the local community under the guidance of the national Kiwanis organization; this club is open to 10th through 12th grade students.


Advisor: Michelle Bing

Meetings: 1st Thursday of month Library

Students gather monthly to discuss different forms of media and how to help with outreach in the community to promote reading. Avid and casual readers will enjoy the lively discussions about favorite reads, favorite movies, and favorite cookies (Yes, we always have cookies!). Visit the Book Club Review website.


Advisor: Heather Coggins

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of month 108D

Students who are interested in creative writing, fine arts, photography, social media marketing, and promotion would find their niche in this club. The club promotes several writing contests throughout the school year, showcases students’ work on the LitMag Instagram account, fundraises to purchase prizes and productions costs, and produces an annual publication that showcases literary and artwork of BE students.


Advisor: Chris Cusack

Meetings: As announced, 105B

For those students who share a love of science and want to explore different topics with peers having the same interest.


Advisor: Jill Chappell

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday (after school) & 4th Wednesday (lunch) 103A

For those students interested in world affairs, debate and deliberation over issues in international economics and politics and/or the humanitarian field, meet once a month, attend competitions.


Advisor: Desi Runey

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of month 134A

(MATh) – a math society that meets monthly and competes in local and state math competitions such as the College of Charleston Math Meet and the Clemson Calculus Challenge, must have a strong love of mathematics.  Mu Alpha Theta


Advisor: Desi Runey

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of month PAC

Students must exhibit excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Refer to the NHS page under academics for more details. Academically eligible sophomores and juniors are invited in the spring each year to begin the process for membership.


Advisor: Amy Johnson

Meetings: 4th Friday of month 101C

Club members share their creative photos in club and local contests, host guest speakers, and take photographs at selected events.


Advisor: Betsy McMillan & Nikki DeLuca

Meetings: As announced 240A

Students who are members of this club may engage in ping pong games at various tables throughout the school day. In the spring a members’ tournament is conducted for an overall winner.


Advisor: Lucia Gonzalez

Coach: Patrice Christian

Squad performs at half time of the football and basketball games, tryouts occur and dependent upon the ability of the squad, the team will compete nationally.


Advisor: Billy Bartell

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of month PAC

For those students who want to support each other and spread awareness of Prolife, many members make the trip to Washington, DC in January for the march on the mall and other activities.


Advisor: Jimmy Garrett

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of month 236A

For those students who want to spread good will and kindness throughout the school and community for fellow students, teachers, and staff.


Advisor: Lucia Gonzalez

Meetings: 2nd Friday of month 217A

Sub group of the campus ministry that works in teams to provide retreats for area partner schools and organizations, certain degree of responsibility needed.


Advisor: Betsy McMillan

Coach: Dan Machowski

Students practice and compete in local regattas and sometimes further away, gathering spot is typically the downtown Charleston marina and experience is preferred but will teach someone enthusiastic in learning.


Advisor: Carmen Brahim & Anne Canterbury

Meetings: 1st Friday of month 102A

Students meet with advisor monthly to discuss Spanish culture, experience foods and pastimes of Spain, members have participated in local charities specifically for Hispanics.


Advisor: Sally Herbert & Stephen Beach

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday of month 101A

Student driven government that oversees clubs and activities around the school and runs certain activities throughout the year for the school community, for example John England Day, Homecoming Week, Winter Semi-formal, etc.; elected offices held and committee work involved.


Advisor: Jennie Humphreys & Nancy Heath

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursday of month 253A

For those students interested in government, will participate in a model legislature at the state house in Columbia with hundreds of other high school students, takes place in November.