Visit Bishop England

One of the best ways to decide if Bishop England is the school for you and your family is to visit the campus during the school hours, attend our Open House or enjoy one of our events.  We feel that once you are here, you have us as a captive audience to answer your questions.  You could also tour the buildings, prompt other inquiries, and feel the vibe of the school community.  In meeting with the admissions director, you may discuss your child’s curriculum strengths and needs while learning further about we have to offer.

  1. To schedule an appointment, call or email the director of admissions:  843-849,9599, ext. 134 or email .
  2. Attend our annual Open House with your child; there are no reservations necessary and scheduled for November 6, 2019.
  3. Schedule a shadow morning or day when school is in session.  Days may be set in September through November and then again at the end of January through April. The form below will allow you to reach out to the admissions office to see if a possible visit day may be scheduled for your child.

Shadow Form

  • Please share any further information about your child that will enhance his/her experience. Does he/she know a current student? Outside activities that he/she enjoys?