Alumni Memorial Mass

In the fall of 2015, Bishop England celebrated the 100th graduating class in the history of the school. With this exciting milestone, we had a unique opportunity to start a new tradition, known as the 100 Year Prayer, which unites our Bishop England family as a community in prayer. Every year, as we celebrate with a new graduating class, we remember the Bishop England High School class that graduated 100 years earlier and pray for the dearly departed souls of not only these students, but all of our students who have passed away.

Each year, we will introduce this new tradition to the current senior class, asking them to remember the class of students who attended Bishop England High School one hundred years earlier. In 2017, we started entering the names of the students in the class of 1917 in a book called the Bishop England High School Alumni Association Book of Remembrance. Each year, we add the names of the next class.

The names collected and included in the Book of Remembrance have been submitted by the Bishop England High School community for the sole purpose of prayer intentions. The student lists, including names of graduates, non-graduates, and transfer students, are organized by classes and do not represent official Bishop England High School graduate lists. The purpose of publishing these lists is to enable our Bishop England family the opportunity to remember our deceased students specifically by name and pray for all of our students who at one time walked the halls at Bishop England High School.

100 Year Prayer

Eternal Father,
Please extend your guiding hand over me.
I pray that you will grant me:
Ears that will hear your call,
Eyes that will see you in others, and
A merciful heart that is
reflective of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Today, as I remember all of my friends, teachers, and classmates,
I ask that you keep them all in the palm of your hand, especially (name intention).

I also pray for the sake of Jesus’ sorrowful Passion,
you will have mercy on the souls of the dearly departed students
who attended this school 100 years ago, especially (name student’s name).

Send the gifts of the Holy Spirit to guide me throughout my life.
Grant me the grace of spiritual discernment.
Help me follow the path in this life you’ve created for me.
Lead me to eternal life with you
in your heavenly kingdom.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph we pray, help us on our way today.

If you would like to submit names of deceased faculty, staff, alumni and friends for inclusion in our prayers and the Book of Remembrance, please click the button below.

Book of Remembrance Form

Our Commemorative Brick program is a meaningful way to honor and memorialize a loved one by creating a permanent fixture on campus in their name.

BEHS Commemorative Bricks


BEHS Book of Remembrance


Class of 1917

Fields, Margaret
Knisley, Ralph
Morris, Joseph Aloysius
O’Melia, Sr. Mary Jerome (Ethel), O.L.M.*
Sturcken, Edna
White, Lillian

Class of 1918

Barbot, Valerie
Cross, Sr. Mary Genevieve (Josephine), O.L.M.*
Downing, Raymond
Ferri, Frank
Gavaghan, Sr. Mary Ignatia (Mary), O.L.M.*
Knisley, Charles
Manning, Right Rev. Msgr. John Laurence*
McKevlin, Anthony
O’Brien, Gerald
O’Keefe, Raymond
Redmond, Anthony
Riley, Angela
Riley, Cecile
Stokes, Annie Gaffney
White, Ruth

Class of 1919

Catlett, Alberta Teresa Lucas
Hanley, Joseph Francis, Sr.
Lamb, Isabelle Lee
McInerny, Margaret Cecilia
Moore, Alice Cahill
Williams, Madeline Caroline Turner


Class of 1920

Aimar, George Washington
Bicaise, Benjamin Ernest, Jr.
Catherwood, Mary Mercedes
Conlon, Walter Joseph
DeAntonio, John Louis
deVineau, Rev. Charles E.*
Duffy, Margaret Mary Eiserhardt
Fields, Thomas Gregory
Fischer, Charles Louis
Fischer, Mildred Louise Green
Limoges, Genevieve Isabel Conner
Moore, Helen Elizabeth Molony
Morahan, Helen
Morris, Gladys Elizabeth O’Keefe
Way, Mary

Class of 1921

Barbot, Leon
Bicaise, Edna
Blanchard, Marie
Conner, George
Cross, William
Knisley, Nora
Murphy, Walter
Patat, Rosa Elizabeth
Sheridan, Annie
Williman, William

Class of 1922

Blanchard, John
Blanchard, Helena “Nellie” Igoe
Blanchard, Rosalie Michel
Cammann, Sr. Margaret Mary (Esther C.), O.L.M.
Ferri, Margaret
Ham, Harold
Langley, Aurelia
Laurey, Dean
Madden, Catherine
Maguire, Philip
Maher, Mary
McInerny, Mary Christle
Murphy, Margaret
O’Keefe, Irene
Patat, Leon
Quinn, Eleanor
Tezza, Camilla Theresa Sorio
Thompson, Frances

Class of 1923

Burke, John
Cotten, Beatrice Ursula Ferri
Mauro, Charles Thomas
Williams, Ruth O. deVineau

Class of 1924

Burmester, Alice Leonie
Dean, John Joseph, Jr.
Marks, Chrysostom
Martin, Roberta
Tharin, Sr. Mary Louise (Louise), O.L.M.


Class of 1925

Conlon, Lois Agnes
Knisley, George F.
Mauro, Guy Michael
McInerny, William P.
Reynolds, Thomas Willard, MD
Townsend, Mary H. Moran

Class of 1926

Torlay, Sophie Michel
Withers, Mary Igoe

Class of 1927

Bailey, G. McKee
Brandes, John M.
Bunch, Robert M.
Burn, Joseph J.
Davey, Honora F. Lighthart
Easterling, Catherine K. Maguire
Griser, Emmett Joseph
Heisser, Mary K. Bremer
Hostetter, Virginia O’Brien
Molony, Maria D.
Prior, Mary Elizabeth Barbot
Reynolds, John F.
Shiver, Eleanor Dean

Class of 1928

Bolchoz, Frederick William, Jr.
Dunn, Eileen Murphy
Madden, Msgr. Richard
Michel, Sr. Mary Therese (Louise), O.L.M.
Murphy, William Martin, Jr.
Niggel, Mary Genevieve Dean

Class of 1929

Kuhn, Mary Collins Michel
McKamey, Sr. Marie Eleanor (Mary E.), O.L.M.*
Michel, John Patrick
Rhodes, Sophie O’Brien


Class of 1930

Bayly, Margaret
Bennett, Lillian Kelly
Cantwell, William “Bubba” J.
Cass, Sister Marie Lawrence (Laurentia), O.L.M.
Dawkins, Mary Elizabeth Rentiers
Duffy, Catherine Byrne
Ferri, Ferdinand
Hynes, James John
Kennerty, John
Lowry, Lee
Maginn, Bernard
Mauro, Margaret White
Molony, Sister Marie Margaretta (Beatrice), OLM*
Murphy, George Patrick Lawrence, Jr.
Nowak, Lucretia Mary Murphy
Scott, Mary Zwingmann
Sirgany, Mary Theresa Shahid
Sullivan, Daniel Joseph, Sr.

Class of 1931

Armstrong, Mary Cecelia Conlon
Davey, Louise Beatrice
Dodds, Hugh
Duane, Ursula Cecelia
McMahon, Gerald Frederick
Michel, Rufus Laurence
Patrick, Barbara Rebecca Bremer
Ravenel, Charles Francis
Riley, Joseph Patrick

Class of 1932

Benton, Dorothea C. Blanchard
Budds, Charles Dalton
Cantwell, John P.
Johnson, Veronica C. Murphy
Knisley, George L.
Madden, Robert Edward
Molony, H. Augustine “Gus”
Pattillo, Mary Agnes McGorty
Simmons, Catherine Maginn
Zwingmann, Lucille Oldmixon

Class of 1933

Bouvette, Edmond Francois
Carter, Dr. Patricia Ann
Danker, Genevieve M. Baker
Eiserhardt, Charles E.
Heiterer, Theodore Lawrence
Hoppmann, Harry Joseph
Kennedy, Elizabeth Philomena
Kennedy, Mary
Kennerty, Elizabeth C.
Maguire, Dr. Daniel Lawrence, Jr.
Mauro, Joseph Lawrence
McGregor, Sr. Mary Berenice (Mary), O.L.M.
Rentiers, Margaret Elizabeth Doty Knisley
Riley, John Edward
Schill, Mary Louise Benedikt
Seignious, Helen Mary Hynes
Sturcken, Baynard Francis

Class of 1934

Bennett, Hermine Anne Meyer
Bevis, Sr. Mary Emmanuel (Jane Catherine), O.L.M.
Condon, Alice Genevieve Kelly
Condon, James Francis
Condon, William Francis, Jr.
Gerken, Kathleen Regina Thompson
Gunn, Mary Louise Hynes
Halsey, Mary Elizabeth Elliott
Halverson, Thelma
Hoffman, Ruth Bolchoz
Holling, Marie Them
Inabnett, Emilia “Mimi” Catherine Ferri
Jacobs, Elizabeth Dodds
Kennedy, John Joseph, Jr.
Kennerty, Charles Edward
Michel, Celestine
Moluf, George Anthony
Moluf, Olga Shahid
Oldmixon, Adrian W.
Robinson, Mary Elizabeth Murphy
Santos, Carroll Anthony, Jr.
Searson, Anne Elizabeth Budds
Shahid, Eva Veronica
Smith, Anna Belle Schill
Sullivan, Elizabeth
White, Leland James, Sr.
White, Rose Winifred Budds
Zwingmann, Sister Marie Marcella (Rosalie), O.L.M.*

Class of 1935

Cantwell, Alice Theresa Heiterer
Chapman, Rufus Bernard
Condon, Evelyn Elizabeth
Dodds, John Joseph, Jr.
Donnelly, Edward Michael
Dowds, Louise Patricia Bremer
Duane, Genevieve A.
Durham, Helen Roberts
Kennedy, John J., Jr.
Kerr, Francis Bernard
Lighthart, Victor Foch, Sr.
Meyer, Herman “George,” Jr.
Ott, Mary Lillian Forsberg
Preston, Marie Theresa Cordray
Robinson, Barbara Elizabeth Condon
Runey, Michael Lawrence, Jr.
Them, Frederick Norman
Them, Mary Elizabeth Doran
Woodruff, Sr. Mary Martha (Irene F.), O.L.M.
Young, William John

Class of 1936

Adams, Cornelia Gertrude Duffy
Bailey, Helen Condon
Bolchoz, William Manning
Buckley, Edward Daniel
Budds, James Cunningham
Duffy, John
Heiterer, John Joseph
Hoppmann, Dorothy Couturier
Jarvis, Kathryn Santos
Jones, Hazel Fortune
Kerr, Evangeline Augustine Bouvette
Michel, Daniel J.
Molony, Frances Deal
Mullen, Julia Virginia Wallace
Reynolds, Beatrice Rose Bazar
Rourk, Rita O’Brien
Runey, John Francis
Soubeyroux, Mary Ellen “Eleanor” Murphy
Touhey, Joseph Budds

Class of 1937

Albenesius, Theodore Henry, Jr.
Budds, William Baker
Carmel, Mary Frances Touhey
DeAntonio, Charles Cornelius, Sr.
Powers, Martin
Register, Mary Condon Montgomery
Santos, Francis Chalk
Sullivan, William

Class of 1938

Atchison, Patricia Stokes
Cahill, Ellen Tobin
Dursse, Jules Anthony, Sr.
Frizelle, Frances Maginn
Gissell, Elizabeth “Betty” Heiterer
Howard, Marie Gertrude Ferri
Hurley, Mary Catherine Theresa Bean
Keenan, Frances May Bremer
Keenan, Norman B., Jr.
Kennedy, Bernadette Rita Soubeyroux
Magee, Mary Doris Cisa
McKevlin, Dennis Joseph
Meitzler, John Dennis, Jr.
Nelson, Ruth Ann Hynes
O’Brien, Marion Ann Molony
Ramsay, Mary Loretto Croghan
Runey, Elsie Margaret Condon
Simonin, Rev. Msgr. John A.*

Class of 1939

Albers, Paul Augustus
Blyth, Angela Mary Duffy
Bouvette, Maxence Emile
Budds, John Joseph
Bunch, Marie Theresa Reynolds
Calhoun, Margaret Condon
Cass, Mary Marcella “Marcey” Murphy
Daniel, Loretta Cherry Buckley
Duane, Walter Vincent
Friend, Mary Gertrude Masche
Fuller, Marian Stokes
Kerr, Robert “Robbie”
Santos, Marvin Joseph
Shahid, Mary Ann
Sloan, Louise Lawton
Thornley, Jane Anne Marietta
Trubia, Margaret Hughes Rentiers
Tuttle, Helen White


Class of 1940

Ballantine, Constance Oldmixon
Bolchoz, Laurence “Larry” Stanislaus*
Brownell, Raymond Charles
Carswell, Patrick Andrew
Clark, Gertrude Elizabeth Duane
Conlon, Garrett “Gary” Aloysius
Croghan, Rev. Msgr. William Joseph*
Duffy, Patricia Cantwell
Ferrara, Joseph L.
Forsberg, Anne Elizabeth Clair
McManus, Rev. Msgr. John Fleming*
McManus, Joseph Cornelius “Neil,” Jr.
Ostapeck, Dorothy “Dossie” Theresa Molony
Salvo, Anna “Peggy” Couturier
Young, Mary Frances Heiterer

Class of 1941

Bean, William J., Jr.
Dodds, Lawrence A.
Donnelly, Mary Finnegan
Henry, Ann Santos
Jones, Mary Aldous
Kerr, Basil Joseph, Sr.
Leonard, Mary Eileen
Maguire, William Francis, Sr., MD
McDonough, Joseph Aloysius
McGregor, Hugh Frank
Melfi, Walter Joseph, Jr.
Moore, Gertrude Ann Murphy
Olix, Mary Margaret Davey
Ortmann, Marguerite Baker
Rountree, Dorothy Prince
Stuckey, Ruth Loretto Budds
Thomas, Gloria Marie
Veronee, Maurice Kenneth

Class of 1942

Albenesius, Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Erickson
Condon, Sr. Martha Marie (Elizabeth “Betty” Igoe), O. P.
Crowe, Edith Adeline Brogna
Dear, Olive Mae Matson
Dursse, Anne Teresa Rowland
Ferillo, Sister Marie Amelia (Margaret), O.L.M.*
Finger, Mary Elizabeth Pontiff
Harley, Genevieve Gomperts
Heard, Doris Paula Odenkirchen
Henry, Bertha Gertrude Drawdy
Hesse, Maud Elizabeth Calder
Jakelsky, Elizabeth Ryan
Johnson, Claude Myron
Kann, Gertrude Maree Melfi
Kline, Katherine Trenholm Harrington
Liburdy, Carmel Louise Duffy
Manning, Octavia Eleanor Welsh
Matson, Robert
McDaid, Mary Frances Condon
McFadden, Mary Elizabeth Hoppmann
McKay, Mary Veronica
Moore, Arthur Bernard
Papke, Mary Magdalene Conlon
Patrick, Charles George
Ramsdell, Carmita Schill
Rennells, Mary Cecelia Keane
Rice, Catherine Elizabeth Hanley
Runey, Audrey Lee Lattimore
Sander, Herman Laurence
Shorter, Marie Theresa Murphy
Soffera, Mary Maginn
Thompson, Joseph F.
Willis, Joseph Vernon

Class of 1943

Abbott, Mary Theresa Spain
Bean, Thomas Murray
Bouvette, RoseMary Kerr
Budds, Mary Theresa “Bebe”
Cahill, Ann Caroline Molony
Heuer, Gertrude Clair
Johnson, Kenneth William, Sr.
Maginn, Helen “Buddy”
Markham, Mary Kathleen “Kitty” Jones
Moore, Mary Loretta Dodds
Petit, Dorothy Francis Beattie
Richardson, Margaret Rowland
Roempke, Jean
Seabrook, Richard Eugene, Jr.

Class of 1944

Bennett, Marjorie Anne “Marge” Molony
Bouvette, Albert Joseph
Burris, Elizabeth Anne Young
Conlon, William Theodore
Gratzick, George Elmore
Hennessy, Leah Elizabeth “Betty” Ravenel
Hennessy, William Joseph
Holst, Rosemary Molony
Lawler, Elizabeth Cecelia Conway
LeBeau, Margaret “Peggy” Kenny
Lewis, Rita Elizabeth Heiterer
McCarter, Rose Marie Keane
Meyer, Rosemary Gertrude Schram
Molony, Raymond Deal
Pecori, Phylona Elizabeth Roberts
Powers, Joseph Maddock
Santos, William Anthony, Jr.
Sayeg, Walter Michael
Sturcken, Henry Tracy
Stebbins, Mary Emelie Tobias
Wells, Margaret Teresa Schachte

Class of 1945

Bean, Gene Frances Grube
Bean, John Joseph
Bellavita, Mary Frances
Blanchard, Mary Veronica Santos
Bolchoz, Ruford Joseph, Sr.
Boyne, Mary Ann Runey
Bravek, Mary Therese Florio
Budds, Francis Bernard
Byers, Alberta
Cass, Louis
Chiola, Ruth Clare Bevis
Clayton, Eugene Lloyd
Coleman, Francis Xavier
DeCandt, Cathryn “Kitty” Dorothy Thomas
DeLorme, Charles Ted, Jr.
Duffy, George Lawrence, Jr.
Duke, Ralph Leonard
Dunaway, Angela Joyce Conlon
Foyle, Deloris Hartley DeWitt
Galasso, Alice “Allie” Marie Blanche
Gunther, Constance Miller
Hendricks, Helen Theresa
Joseph, Margaret Theresa Shahid
Lloyd, James Hogan
McKamey, Marjorie Anne
McMahon, Myrtle Katherine
Moorhead, Gloria Delores Walker
Morrill, Gloria Ann Powers
Murphy, James “Jimmy” Joseph May
Oldmixon, John Joseph “Jack”
O’Rourke, Myrtle Marie
Peirano, Augustine “Buddy” Emmanuel, Jr.
Pinto, John William “Buddy,” Sr.
Poe, Virginia Rose Comar
Rowland, Charles “Charlie” Anthony
Seabrook, Gertrude Louise
Shea, Rita Elizabeth Jensen
Sheppard, Helen Dodds
Smith, Charles Leland
Smith, Mary Elizabeth
Soubeyroux, Raymond Stokes
Sturcken, Claudia Mae Sweatman
Sturcken, Edward F.
Tezza, Mark John
Wilson, Francis

Class of 1946

Blanchard, Claude Wright, Jr.
Blanche, John Michael “Mike”
Campbell, Ellen Sander Haight
Duffy, Edward “Eddie” William, Sr.
Griffith, Joseph Parkwood, Sr., K.M.
Jones, Mary Jane McDonough
Joseph, Rose Mary Sayeg
Keenan, Doris Elizabeth
McElwee, Mary Clare Condon
Moore, Ann Enright
Murphy, Walter Francis
Puckhaber, Mary Dolores Simonin
Rey, Marcial Joseph
Salmonsen, Eugene Roy “Sally”
Scarborough, Gloria Cuzzell
Stedman, James Nathan, Jr.
Sturcken, Gordon William
Sullivan, Rosemary Ward
Thomas, Joseph
Tindal, David John

Class of 1948

Condon, Richard “Dick” Lane*
Coulter, Robert Gordon
Duc, Ann Veronica Masche
Duffy, Dr. John Joseph, Jr.
Duffy, Mary Jane Hutchins
Enos, Sylvia Joan
Fosberry, Eugene “Gene” F., Jr.
Gunther, Constance Miller
Kennedy, Reverend Ernest Eugene*
Kerr, Margaret Ann
Kingsley, Anne Condon
Knox, Anne Heiterer
Knox, Ripley L. Lee
McDonald, Carolyn Gertrude Dodds
McLain, Mary Sturcken
McLaughlin, Joan E. Graham
Meitzler, Charles Edward
Molony, William Irvin
Platt, Ann Elizabeth Cochran
Rowland, Alma Patricia Runey
Williamson, James Arthur, Jr.

Class of 1949

Amundson, Lucy Jennie Buero Holmes
Clarkin, Charles Aimar
Cottingham, John Benjamin, Jr.
Jefferson, George William
Johnson, Austin Bryant
Johnson, Gerald “Jerry” Louis
Kennerty, Sister Celeste Marie (Helen Louise), SSCM
Moseley, John Martin “Marty”
Peters, Patricia Ann Jones
Simonin, Charles Joseph
Sueverkruepp, Rosemary Burkhardt
Tezza, Robert “Bobby” John
Thomas, John Bowden
Westendorff, Charlotte Roempke
Zeigler, Della M. Cox Corker


Class of 1950

Albers, Joseph A.
Beckmann, Cecil “CC” Leo
Bevis, Alfred Eugene
Blanchard, Robert “Bobby” Igoe
Bowick, Thomas R.
Bozzelli, Peter “Pete” Anthony, Jr.
Calvert, Dolly Muriel Santos
Cameron, Barbara Grube Bean
Cantwell, Patricia “Pat” Clark
Cooper, Gertrude “Trudie” Agnes Cannon
Cummings, Betty Ann Ferri
Draine, Marion Gerard
Duffy, Rev. Msgr. Thomas Robert
Ferrara, Paul Bonaventure “Tony”
Gay, Helen Torlay
Gissell, Wilhermena Cecelia Hiatt
Gomperts, Joan Isaac
Heissenbuttle, Frederick John
Heisser, John Francis “Sonny,” Jr.
Holst, William Francis
Isaac, Beverly Sottile
James, Margaret “Mardie” Mahoney
Jervey, Mary Suzanne “Susie” Taylor
Kennedy, William “Billy” Leonard
Klein, Mary Ethel Bean
Lynes, Theodore Raymond Joseph
Lyons, Jeannette Foster
McManus, Ronald “Ronnie” Patrick
Molony, David A.
Newman, Stanley DeSales
O’Brien, William Joseph, Jr.
Oldmixon, Ralph Edward
Pieper, John Harman, Jr.
Riggott, Frances Marion Grimes
Santos, Robert “Bobby” Anton
Simard, Leo Joseph
Spencer, Delores Ann Seabrook
Steffens, Elizabeth “Betty” Roberts
Sturcken, Barbara Ann
Tobias, Reverend Edwin Creighton*
Vega, Joseph “Joe,” Jr.
Wham, Mary Patricia “Pat” Rowell


Class of 1951


Bleecker, Joanne McCarthy
Caroff, Julia Annie Hartnett
Carrere, Patricia Randall
Clarey, John Bernard “Barney”
Craven, Beverly Thompson
Croghan, Leo Michael*
DeFilippis, Elizabeth “Betsy” Ehrhardt
Elliott, Mary Patricia “Patsy” Newman
Engle, Jean Ann
Ferri, Catherine Bozzelli
Gawrich, Barbara Wallace
Grimes, Jacqueline “Jackie”
Hutchins, Robert “Bobby”
Kennerty, Bernard J.
Lilley, Lois E. “Bootsie” DeStefano
Marshe, Joan Dursse
Murphy, Dr. Earl Prentiss
Newman, Mabel Terrell
Palma, Catherine Louise Brownell
Priebe, Jennie Ethellene
Raymond, Jeaneane Cochran Bishop
Roempke, Louis Joseph, MD
Sage, Andrew Patrick
Schissler, Marie Elizabeth Marks
Shier, Eugene Magnus, Jr.
Sottile, Albert James Anthony
Tatara, Barbara Pontiff
Tawes, Rev. Creston Joseph
Tobias, James May
Wham, Joseph “Joe”
White, Catherine Elizabeth “Betty” Regan
Williams, Mary Kanapaux


Class of 1952


Anderson, Bernard
Bevis, Bernard Robert
Cantey, Joseph “Jodie” Samuel, Jr.
Comar, Joanne Morris*
Condon, Caroline Ehrhardt
Cook, Crawford
Devaney, John
Ferrara, John
Floyd, Julia “Judy” Myers
Gerald, Ann Gorman
Gould, Delbert Eugene “Gene”
Griffith, Elizabeth “Bette” Smith
Hart, Peggy Ann Benton
Jones, Frances Geraldine “Jerrie” Connor
Jones, Joseph Edward “Eddie”
Lannon, Michael F.
Lauder, Ann Christine Gay
Miller, Francis “Danky” Ross
Parke, Margaret “Peggy” Frances Davey
Peloquin, Albert Francis
Robey, June Marie Morton
Rowland, James “Jimmy” Francis
Scotland, Dorothy Claire Clark
White, Carroll Egan


Class of 1953


Adry, Bernard Solomon
Blanchard, Paul Eugene
Capitan, Genevieve Delores
Clarey, Joan Patricia
Ducker, Mary Kennedy
Duffy, Jeremiah “Jerry” Bernard
Garrett, Helen Patricia Heiterer
Gay, Carolyn Gertrude Heiterer
Hughes, Charlotte Anne Nolen
Johnson, William Louis, Jr.
Kelley, Gwen Elizabeth Qualey
Livingston, Robert “Bobby” Willard
McElrath, Barbara Wurthmann
Mitchum, William “Billy” Rodgers
O’Brien, Ann Amelia Slattery
Richtermeyer, Mary Gladys Richards
Runey, George Patrick, Jr.
Santos, John Joseph “Jack”
Torlay, Ellen Frances Stokes
Villeponteaux, Lorenz Aimar “Teddy,” Jr.


Class of 1954


Cordray, John Joseph “Joe”
Coulter, Irene Marilyn Morris
Jones, John Henry, Jr.
Laidlaw, Richard Harris “Dicky”
McCrary, Elizabeth “Ann” Gould
McKay, Lawrence “Larry” Edward
Moluf, Joseph Andrew, Jr.
Rowland, Philip Patrick, Jr.
Stokes, Sue Germaine Marchbanks
Villeponteaux, Anne Bellinger*


Class of 1955

Aimar, Eleanor Anne Viele
Aimar, George Washington, Jr.
Altine, Leah Sturcken
Bevon, Judith Qualey
Birt, Margaret Patricia Sage
Blanchard, Charles Comar
Coulter, Thomas Edward
Cummings, Agnes Blanchard
Guerry, Anne Richards
Jones, Ernest “Ernie” Allen
Jones, Frank Donald
Kanapaux, William Joseph, Jr.
Kasell, Patricia Forbes Igoe
Mazzell, Patricia Ellen Phillips
McMahon, Francis “Bubba” Aloysius
Melfi, Leonard Theodore, Jr.
Moskos, Delores Patricia Fabian
Oldmixon, Willard James*
Rohling, Daniel Raymond
Roy, Frances Melfi
Rush, Grace Ann Bolchoz
Sirisky, Charles Alfred
Whetsell, George Albert


Class of 1956


Benke, Charlene Estelle Priebe
Bolchoz, Maureen Patricia Calder
Coffey, Malcolm Joseph, Jr.
Coffey, Mary Adams
Donald, John Joseph “Bude”
LaTorre, Walter Francis
McKay, Frederick Stroman, Sr.
Ravenel, Charles Dufort “Pug”
Winningham, Rose Marie Croghan


Class of 1957


Bercier, Barbara Ann Haring
Biering, Mary Elizabeth
Brewer, Frances Pye
Caraviello, James
Church, Jean Marie Brown
Clair, Gertrude Artes Welcker
Crews, Patricia Anne Deese
Donaghue, Anne Marie
Feran, Cleo Ann
Fosberry, Sara “Sally” Reynolds
Gorman, Joseph Lawrence, Sr.
Hendricks, James Joseph
Kennedy, Ruth Anne
LaCone, Gladys Mariea
Lavelle, Joseph Michael
Mikell, Patricia “Patty” Ann Duc
Morris, Raymond Joseph
Murphy, Dr. William “Dee” Martin, Jr.
Prause, Jeanne Frances McClary
Pye, George Leon, Jr.
Runey, LeRoy Joseph, Jr.
Smith, Catherine Laurencia
Stafford, Jack
Tucker, Bruce
Vega, David C.


Class of 1958


Bellinger, Francis “Sonny” Fishburne, III
Bellinger, Pitts Northrope, Sr.
Clark, Susan “Sue” Richards
Colcolough, James Joseph, Jr.
Cox, Thomas “Tommy” Joseph
Hayes, Marian Cecelia “Cecile” Howell
Howell, Maree Ann Bunch
Jones, Patricia “Patty” Johnson
Kosobud, Jo Ann Beshere
McDaid, Neil Joseph
Pelton, Bernardine Joyce Walker
Ratcliffe, Robert
Restivo, Santo
Reynolds, Helen Dolores Condon
Sexton, Mary Patricia Woods
Traynor, Charles “Chuck”
Varnadore, Jon Paul
White, Reverend Leland James
Wolff, Virginia Jones


Class of 1959


Benton, William
Biering, Julian A., Jr.
Blanchard, Sophie Ellen
Carroll, Margaret Cecilia Sheedy
Cockrell, Phyllis Joy deTournillon
Cottingham, David Ellis
Dennis, Barbara Delores
DeRonde, Patricia Ann White
Hanagriff, JoAnne Mary
Hanley, Rev. Msgr. Joseph Francis, Jr.
Henderson, Virginia Elizabeth Dawson
Holtslander, Ernest “Ernie” Joseph
Howard, Margaret “Margie” Jane Torlay
Hubbard, Linda Claire Carlson
Jacobs, George Allen
Jenkins, Catherine Virginia Capitan
Jennings, Jean Catherine Nolen
Johnson, Anthony “Tony” Linton
Kiekow, Rosemary Oliver Reilly
King, Paul Michael
Lewis, Cecil Olander
Mathisen, Harold Oliver “Tug,” Jr.
McKamey, Charles Eugene
Moore, Bobby
Myatt, Bernard
Nixon, John
Nolen, Martha Ann Christina
Odom, Mary Annette McCrary
Qualey, Mary Henriette
Regan, Carol Ann Boyd
Reynolds, Thomas “Tommy” Willard, Jr.
Ridgeway, Helen “Jerrie” Finnegan
Rowland, Leon Anthony
Rowland, Margaret Patricia “Patty” Flynn
Rucker, Mary Pye
Ruppert, William “Bill” James
Scofield, Joe
Seabrook, Harold
Shacker, Ann Marie “Dee” Beckmann
Shand, Phyllis McGorty
Simmons, Pope Manning
Simons, Patricia “Patsy” Ruth Hanlon
Smith, Charlie
Swain, Gary Melvin
White, Charles deVineau “Devie”


Class of 1960

Baldwin, Vernon Edward
Burbage, Edward Cains
Caraviello, Gloria Jean
Ciuffo, Victor
Coulter, John William “Billy”
Craven, Lawrence Joseph
Crosby, Barbara Ann
DeAntonio, Charles Cornelius, Jr.
Deets, John Nolen
Doran, Joseph Leo
Epps, Yvonne Fischer
Grooms, Patricia Ann
Heisser, David Reynolds
Heisser, Peter Lawrence
Jones, David
Kausek, John E.
Kirby, Harold Douglas, III
LaTorre, Marcella “Sally” Degnan Runey
Lindsey, Jo Ann
Mattson, Demal Ignatius
McGregor, John “Jack” William
McMahon, Albert Sidney
Prince, Barbara Anne
Ridgeway, Louis Herbert
Runey, William “Billy” Michael
Savidge, John Joseph “Jack”
Schwerin, George Dixon “Dicky”
Shahid, Michel
Skinner, Rita Catherine
Welcker, Ronald Lee
White, Francis Dalton
White, John Joseph “Joe,” Jr.
White, Robert “Bob” Nicholas
Williman, Joseph Paul


Class of 1961

Beshere, Thomas Moultrie, Jr.
Blacklocke, Frank
Britz, Edward
Cannon, Joseph Beshere
Christian, Cheryl Bigelow
Hagan, Theresa Nixon
Hendricks, Joseph Edward
Holseberg, Henry William
Jensen, Lawrence “Larry”
Jones, Anne Erickson
Jones, Michael Edward
Jordan, Patricia G. “Trudy” Rentiers
Klumb, Robert Michael
LaTorre, Michael Anthony
Linder, Rendall Thomas
Locklair, Herbert Timothy
McAfee, Chester Clark, Jr.
Minihan, Carolyn Sue McKenzie
Minihan, Michael Matthew
Mitchell, James Ulmont, Jr.
Moran, Francis Patrick
Neill, Daphne Vivian Laird
Nichols, Evelyn Marie Dean
Oliver, Francis James, Jr.
Poole, Carl Edward, Jr.
Ryan, Thomas Graham
Schill, Mary Mathewes Condon
Smith, Leilia Bertha Furlong
Smythe, Vera Jean Goetz
Spade, Steven*
Strauss, William Franklin
Stutzenberger, Anita Elisa
Tamsberg, Theresa Smith
Uricchio, Paul Nicholas, Jr.
Villeponteaux, William Eugene
Waters, John Francis
Withington, Mary Alice Myatt
Young, William John, Jr.
Zinkowski, Ernest Leon, MD


Class of 1962

Bacon, Sherriann Margaret
Balliet, Myra Celestine Villeponteaux
Blyth, Thomas James, Jr.
Campbell, Catherine Harriett Fry
deBrux, Leon Barbot
Fedele, Lorraine Dale Hanagriff
Ferrara, Mary Ruth Fox
Hardy, H. Eugene
Howard, Ralph Edward
Hutson, Lawrence Robert
Jett, Harry Newton, Jr.
Levin, Sally Jane McDonald
Lewis, Camille Rose Price
Lindsey, Martha Lucille
Marcil, Eugene Edward
Murphy, Michael Joseph
Murphy, Thomas Carson
O’Connor, Joseph Michael
Ott, Charles Roland
Robinson, John William, Jr.
Scaffe, Irving Eugene
Seel, Leo Michael
Sharp, David John “Johnny”
Surface, Gerald Lafayette
Tolley, Michael “Mike” Edward
Wertan, Harry E.


Class of 1963

Alkire, Barbara Ann Wilkins
Boyd, Ralph Edward
Britton, Andrew “Andy” Joseph, III
Buchanan, Carol Ann
Burke, Michael Francis
Cholewsky, Leon Nelson, Jr.
Condon, Joseph Kelly
Copeland, Leon Jackson “Jackie”
Croft, Harriet Jo Wilson
Cuomo, Judy Elizabeth
DeAntonio, Rev. Michael Ryan
Drolet, Louise Hazel Adams
Duffy, Mary Ellen
Ellis, Mary Eileen Esposito
Garmendia, Frank Joseph
Getsinger, Ronald Webb
Hatcher, Carolyn Jones
Hodge, Gail Patricia
Knisley, Bernadette Helen Richards
Robinson, Elizabeth A. “Betsey” Reynolds
Rogers, Patricia Anne Smith
Ruotolo, Michael Louis, Jr.
Samuels, Arthur Christopher
Spence, Benjamin Joseph
Tapscott, Kenneth
Them, Peter Frederich, II
Wheaton, Nancy Raye Leopold
Wilkins, Robert Milton, Sr.


Class of 1964

Alexander, Joye Frances Flato
Andrews, Richard Thomas
Ballzigler, Catherine Margaret Nash
Beckman, Kenneth Michael
Cantwell, Timothy Aloysious
Clute, William Patrick
Crawford, Diana Virginia
Croffead, Patricia Ann Crosby
Devereux, Michael Jonathan
Drulard, John L.
Fitzhugh, William Alexander
Green, Francis C.
Harken, Robert Earl, Jr.
Herron, Michael E.
Hesse, Myrtle Theresa Ryan
Hostetter, Theodore “Ted” Leroy, Jr.
Janis, Monica Anne
Ledet, Anne Mary Cooper
McGrath, William Michael
McLaughlin, Jimmy
Menghi, Robert Hugh
Osborne, Richard Lawrence
Paulling, Rosemarie Shumate
Preacher, James
Pye, William Paul “Berle”
Reardon, Robert Joseph
Reneau, Lee
Runey, Dr. Michael Lawrence, III
Scarborough, Thomas Charles
Sessoms, Maureen Ann Murphy
Simoneaux, Philip Gerald
Sirisky, Laura Lynn
Stafford, Ann Caroline Montgomery
St. Marie, Joseph Anthony
Tucker, Glenn Patrick
Wycheck, Jacqueline Gilchrist


Class of 1965

Ackerman, Maryanne Sara Sanders
Atchinson, James
Baker, Frank
Bond, Frank Kirby
Clarey, William “Billy” Joseph
Conlon, William Thomas “Tom”
Conrad, Mary Kathlyn Gilmore
Courvoisie, Alfred
Deets, Catherine Louise
Doyle, Michael Ann
Ehrhardt, William “Bubba”
Gallagher, Patrick Joseph
Garvin, H. Michael
Hartnett, Christopher Corby
Higbee, Charles
Johnson, Harold William “Bubba,” Jr.
Johnson, Michael Elman
Kennedy, Ronald L.
Kent, William
Magnelli, Patty Louise Roche
McCabe, Sharon Ann
McLaughlin, Steve
Olix, Robert Joseph
Pace, Antoinette Kay
Perey, Sonja Anne
Phillips, Donald
Polensky, Mary Catherine Humphrey
Risher, Millicent Louise Dawson
Seignious, James Hynes
Singleton, Judith “Judy” Ann Oliver
Solesbee, Joan Mary DeAntonio
Stith, Charlotte Virginia “Ginger” Davey*
Todd, Charlotte Gail McQueeney
Van Lenten, Virginia Gertrude McAlister
Waite, Joan
Welborn, Nolan Paul
Weldon, Donald
Wersinger, Maureen Louise Wilson
Woodby, Angela Maria Enter
Yarborough, Sharon Douglas


Class of 1966

Altman, Teresa Jeanne Murphy
Axson, Harry Bruner
Bennett, Russell Patrick
Berry, John Marshall
Boniface, Dr. Kenneth Joseph, Jr.
Drawdy, Nancy Marie Studemeyer
Duane, William Martin, II
Fell, George Ernest, IV
Godfrey, Carol Bernadette Mathisen
Gray, David
Harken, Margaret Lorraine
Holmes, Kristine Kuppens
Kent, Joseph F.
Kirby, Dennis W.
Lewis, Eddie
Linder, Theresa Ann Mattson
Lynch, Sharon
Madden, Martha Agnes
Meitzler, Richard Allen
Moynihan, Rev. George Frederick
Nance, Richard Forrest
Parmenter, David John
Patterson, Boyce
Rackley, Kathleen Ann Kennerty
Richardson, Margaret “Peggy” Dianne Nelms
Shealey, Rosanne Cecile Bouvette
Smith, Carol Susan Mazyck
Stringer, Karen Joy
Tucker, Mary Linda Bercume
Tucker, Scott Peter
Turner, Martha Howell


Class of 1967

Barrineau, Raymond E.
Chadwick, Shella A. Cuddeback
Clair, James Richard
Condon, Angela Kathleen “Kathy” Cope
Cook, Charles
Cotterman, Diana
Crites, Andrea Marie Riols
DeCandt, Emile Joseph, Jr.
Gozdziewski, Eleanor Theresa
Hampton, Cynthia Diane Harmon
Harrelson, Susan Hamilton Norvell
Hartnett, James Patrick
Hayward, William “Bill” Adchors
Heins, John Edgar
Heisser, Michael
Howard, Anthony “Tony” C.
Jenness, Elizabeth Ann
Kingsbury, Brian Thomas
Knight, Gloria Brown
Lighthart, John Matthew
Lumley, Teresa Maria Nelson
Madden, Mark Thomas
McLaughlin, Timothy “Timmy” Lawrence
Miller, Margaret Ann “Peggy” Armstrong
Minwegan, Arthur
Montague, Clifton C.
Pire, Kathleen “Kathy” Mary
Priester, Patricia “Patty” Susan Armstrong
Riggins, Calvin Irvin, Sr.
Ritchie, Elisa Ray
Ritter, Barbara
Salvo, Michael Victor
Scaffe, Thomas Edward
Soubeyroux, Frank Honore “Soupy”*
Sullivan, Roderick “Rod” Keith
Westervelt, Howard John


Class of 1968

Brumley, Donna Howard
Courtenay, Edward Bland “Butch”
Coury, Michele Jan
Fisher, Marie Enfield
Fokes, Carol Ann Walker
Fryar, Stephen Joseph
Gissell, John Mason, Jr.
Griffith, Ashley Timothy “Timmy”
McDermott, JoAnn Comar
Meyer, Carol Ann Ring
Phillips, Virginia Taylor
Pickering, Robert P.
Poole, Ernest “Ernie” Burdell
Rich, Anna “Lorraine” Shea
Richardson, Sally Melfi
Smith, Kenneth “Kenny” Graham
Thompson, Linda Diane Joye
Wittschen, David Lawrence


Class of 1969

Anderson, Susanne Burkart
Baker, John
Blitch, Patricia A. Meise
Buckley, Michael K.
Coil, Eugene
Collette, Charles P.
Condon, James Joseph “Joe,” Jr.
Conway, Raoul B.
Davis, Denise Ann Duane
Dickmann, Joseph F.
Dobson, Anne Marie Bischoff
Dunham, Michael R.
Duross, Daniel T.
Ehrhardt, Emily Louise
English, Robert Daly
Fuseler, Cheryl Dennis
Gardner, Michael D.
Hesse, Joseph E.
Holmes, Mildred
Kerr, Francis “Frank” Bernard, Jr.
Lawrence, Susan Masche
Nichols, James V.
Patrick, James Rippie “Rip”
Platt, Mary F. Haring
Pye, John T.
Ridge, Donna Lynn Mausolf
Ruotolo, John N.
Sandifer, Bertrand W.
Singleton, Joan E. Slattery
Watson, Carol M. Renken


Class of 1970

Barrineau, William Kevin “Rusty”
Bigham, Denise Webb
Bolchoz, Ernest Michael
Bridgeman, Charles Marshall
Burn, Lockwood Joseph, III
Chiola, Michael Patrick
Dodds, Judith “Judy” Marie
Fludd, Arthur James, Jr.
Gatlin, Felecia Yvonne Noisette
Gaultney, Sandra D. Hill
Gay, Michael Kim
Infinger, Karen Beth Moore
Laird, Mary Ann Green
Lawton, Bryan Michael
May, Deborah Jo Nutt
McKamey, Willette Ann
Miller, Elaine Furstenberg
Moore, Mary N. Sullivan
Moorer, Billy Sunday, Jr.
Mullen, Mary Elizabeth “Beth” Albenesius
O’Driscoll, Daniel Clovis
Patrick, Herman Frederick “Rick”
Patrick, Timothy Keyes
Perry, Carol Elaine
Pinto, Andrew Anthony “Tony”
Richard, Gary Alan
Salerni, Joseph Anthony
Sturgill, Darlene M. Meitzler
Sullivan, John Donald “Donnie,” Jr.
Thrower, Ann Delessline LeaMond
Ware, Rose Marie Stanfill
Washington, Mildred Cynthia
Welborn, Henry Forsberg “Hank”
Wingfield, Lucille Gail West


Class of 1971

Bennett, Edward
Butler, Lance Chilton
Campbell, Nancy Hanlon White
Clifton, Ronnie
Colbroth, Patti Buckley
Coleman, Kevin
Davis, Marsha Lynn Powell
Fernau, Suzanne Ward
Fletcher, Robert “Bob” Gordon
Fryar, Jane
Gause, William
Gay, Tim
George, Thomas
Howell, Florence Ritter
LeaMond, John E. “Jack”
Luhrs, H. Eugene “Gene”
McDonald, John Alexander “Jackie,” Jr.
Meyer, Cathy
Noisette, Joseph
Russell, Gary
Salmonsen, Teddy
Soffera, Mary Moxham
White, Nancy Hanlon


Class of 1972

Barrineau, Paul K.
Bennett, William Anthony “Tony”
Bishop, David Michael
Blevins, Deborah Anderson
Cahill, Catherine Hudson
Campbell, Barry Sullivan
Eller, Marie Cecile Papke
Finnerty, Mary Ann
Fitzpatrick, Maureen
Getsinger, Gary
Groblewski, John Chester “Jay”
Guarisco, Anthony Joseph “Tony”, Jr.
Howard, Lawrence “Larry”
Kennedy, John Joseph, III
LaTorre, Stephen Randolph “Randy”
McIntosh, Donald Timothy
McKenzie, Margaret “Peggy” Ann Mahoney
Miller, Kathryn Ann James
Nelms, Charles N. D., Jr.
Phillips, William “Bill”
Rose, Elizabeth “Betsy” Neomi Dennis
Scrughan, Henry Victor, Jr.
Schwerin, Vincent Charles, Jr.
Snyder, Ronnie
Tracy, Jeffrey Michael
Travis, Rev. Francis Joseph
Witherspoon, Curtis Jerome


Class of 1973

Albers, Victoria Jane “Vickie”
Anderson, Arthur E. “Artie,” III
Beauvais, Mary
Bolchoz, Steve
Buksha, Mundel
Dufour, John Anthony “Tony”
Hall, Suzanne Marie Franciscus
Hancock, James B. “Jamie”
Howard, James Michael “Sparky”
Keegan, Paul
Nugent, Charles W. “Billy”
Parker, Jeanne O’Neill
Peters, John Steve
Peters, Lucy Marie
Revel, Susan
Steplight, Vera
Watts, J. Richard
Worsham, Phillip


Class of 1974

Alexander, Michael
Cashion, Gwen Celestine
Kinard, Brenda Rumph
Nelson, Walter Randolph “Randy”
Norton, Thomas A.
Smyrski, Michael
Sullivan, Timothy Michael
Wagers, Kathy McFadden


Class of 1975

Behlmer, George William
Britton, Laurent “Larry”
Dufour, Michael Allen Frances
Harvey, Donna Smith
Pitts, Robert A.


Class of 1976

Braunschweig, Billy
Drago, Dana Ann Palmieri
Igoe, Peter
Irwin, Eugene Michael, Jr.
Lopez, Jamie A.
McElveen, Roy Vance
Salmorin, Kelly A. Nugent
Sanderlin, Gail C. Fath
Stitely, Karen LaTorre
Stukenbroeker, Annette Richter
Zorn, Ellen Knox


Class of 1977

Blackwell, Elizabeth Conlon Bischoff
Bolchoz, Charles Budds
Brown, James Lawrence
Collier, Vanessa Admiral
Copeland, Trenholm Heyward
Douglas, Lucius Guy
Ellis, Mario
Floyd, John Spearman, IV
Fosberry, Robert C.
Kithcart, Marshall F.
McDonough, Sean M.
McLaughlin, Michael Frederick
Perot, Phanor Leonidas “Lee,” III
Robinson, Stephanie Denise Thompson
Wham, Richard M. “Ricky”


Class of 1978

Albenesius, Stephen Thomas
Howard, Bruce Eric Fox
Hughes, Derek Peters
LeBlanc, Susan Angele
Mitchum, John Michael “Mike”
Shea, Donald Michael
Ward, John William, III
White, James Donny


Class of 1979

Joseph, Karen Ann
Mikell, Charles “Chucky” LaMar
Vickers, Bobbie Jo
Way, Charles “C” Seignious, III


Class of 1980

Blanchard, Kevin Wright
Clair, Francis Joseph “Joe”
Duffy, Carmel Frances
Goodwin, John Wesley Timothy
Mitchum, Thomas “Tommy” Duffy
Tezza, Hugo Ernest


Class of 1981

Buckley, Meverette Kelley
Corbett, Michael Carlyle
Demos, Maria Elaine Spell
Koss, Evan William
Lariviere, Joseph Raymond “Ray,” Jr.
Lee, Brenda Marie Bevis
Murphy, Matthew Edmond, III
Ragland, Mark Wellington
Scandalios, Anne Jeanne Lapolla
Spencer-Rush, Sherry Alisa
Tobias, Edwin James
Williams, Michelle Denise
Wilson, Lloyd Anthony


Class of 1982

Hutchinson, Diane Mathews
Runey, Cheryl Whitney
Terry, Timothy Lawrence


Class of 1983

Brown, Damian Lawton
Fields, Robert Kevin
Phillips, Suzette Elizabeth Antol
Purvis, Cynthia Louise
Roberts, Kimberly Marie Wade
Robinson, Herman Patrick


Class of 1984

Abelon, Frank Scott
Bennett, Nathaniel Paul, II
Griffith, Michael
Hedrick, Andre Mark
Hendricks, John Frank, Jr.
Keating, Abraham Joseph
Linder, Rendall Thomas, III
McDaniel, Derek
Woody, Heidi Brigetta Howard


Class of 1985

Adams, Christina “Chrissy” Theos
Blacklocke, Dr. Sean Patrick
Bricklemyer, Karen Garner
Brisben, Charles Jonathan
Church, Chadwick “Chad” Eugene
Crosby, Jon Eric
Gibson, Shaun Kevin
Green, Nathaniel Wilson
Hendricks, James “Jimmy” W., Jr.
Homer, Demetre “Deme” Speros
Kidney, Sharon Leigh
Kirkland, Valerie S.
Kramer, Steve
Manigault, Terrence Lamont
Martin, DeAnn Maria
McGill, Erica Floretta
O’Brien, David Hunter
Peclet, Joseph Edward, Jr.
Regan, Kelley


Class of 1986

Altine, Mary Ann
Birt, Patrick John
Bowick, Thomas R.
Byrd, Jane Elizabeth “Beth”
Crosby, Alison Renee
Hamilton, Julie Anne
Hendricks, Robert K. “Bobby”
Rey, TSgt Christopher Derek, USAF
Santos, Bruce William


Class of 1987

Dudley, Michelle Renae Elliott
Hunt, Cynthia “Cindy” Lea
Robinson, John Andrew “Andy”


Class of 1988

Rhoad, Shawn Marie


Class of 1990

Botto, Edward Allen
Day, Jennifer Jean
Moore, William Cheney, IV


Class of 1991

Renken, Matthew Christopher
Thomason, Katherine Reynolds


Class of 1992

Derrick, Jason Todd
Diaz, Donna Marie
Vann, Jeremy Warren


Class of 1993

Cramer, Angela Irene
Haigler, Jason D.
Pascual, Joseph “Joey” Ortiz
Swagel, John Paul, Jr.


Class of 1994

Campbell, Kenneth “Ryan”
Mazingue, Cécile M.
Meeks, Kelly Marie Zak
Singleton, Ivan Ramone
Strunk, Amanda Kay “Mandy”
Tolomea, Michael Joseph “Jody,” III


Class of 1995

Luff, Elizabeth Webb
Oulla, Price Mullins
Ramsey, Andrew Lefferts
Schwartz, Harry Justin
Taylor, Edwin “Eddie” Stanley
Wagers, Jason Haskell


Class of 1996

Hazelwood, Rachel Anne Pardieck
Johnson, Christina Marie Nesmith
Limbaker, Kimberly Michelle


Class of 1997

Brown, Rhonda Michelle Barrs
Donegan, Ryan William
Heyward, Wendall Lamar
O’Neal, Annie Gervais
Patrick, W. Reid, III


Class of 1998

Laplante, John Haibel
Luther, Anne Heiterer
Spann, Natalie Renee


Class of 1999

Anderson, William “Billy” Edward, Jr.
Beach, William Edmund
Cahill, Christopher Joseph
Hildebidle, George Conrad
Rowland, Jacqueline Flynn
Scott, Tracy Maria


Class of 2000

Barnwell, Thompson Parker
Kaiser, Amanda Jahnz


Class of 2001

Massie, David Preston
Shorter, David Michael, Jr.


Class of 2003

Clarkin, Robert Patrick
Wagers, Kathryn “Katie” Samantha


Class of 2004

Fitts, Reese McKain
Koepenick, Patrick Michael


Class of 2006

Keating, Joseph Sebastian


Class of 2007

Crocker, Cameron Wade
Kerrison, Laura Elizabeth
Koepenick, Brendan Kelly


Class of 2008

Metz, Eliza Adams


Class of 2009

Cook, Adela Holmes
Corbett, Meghan Elizabeth
Marquardt, Mary Catherine


Class of 2010

Early, John Taylor
Gazecki, Stephen Michael
Heffron, Randall George, Jr.
Kam-Johnson, Rachel McBryde


Class of 2011

Kleeman, Ryan Phillip
Troiani, Charles “Chuck” Anthony


Class of 2012

Bowman, Alexander “Xan” Faherty
Reese, Timothy Michael, Jr.


Class of 2015

Warren, Hannah Kathryn


Class of 2016

Fisher, Brandon Michael